June 19, 2009

Home Hardware

The Globe and Mail is calling it the "Miracle on Turf." SportsNet dubbed it the "Montreal Miracle." My headline of choice would have been: "Toronto FC Pulls Off Some Crazy Shit."

Needing to beat Montreal by four goals to be crowned Canadian champions, I gave TFC no chance. Zero. Actually, less than zero. Not a prayer.

Once again, I was wrong. Gloriously, wonderfully wrong. Somehow, they did it. By five.

Down 1-0, the Reds awoke. With aplomb. Six goals in a row, three from Dwayne De Rosario (one courtesy a sick bicycle kick). His big-game performance last night was why he was acquired. I have no idea what TFC gave up in return for DeRo, and refuse to ask Google (fuck off, Bing) because the answer is of no significance; Toronto won the trade.

Stop. Think about it for a minute. Six goals. By Toronto FC. In one game. They may never score again.

And of all the guys to bag the fifth and most important goal of the night, you knew it had to be the much-maligned Chad Barrett. On a night where nothing made sense, it was rather poetic.

TFC will be representing Canada in the CONCACAF Champions League, and I couldn't be happier for the squad. But what I'm wondering is: when's the parade? They did win a title. And a trophy. Their first one. And I'd like a parade. Even a low-key affair. It's Toronto; I'm sure someone's got a route already mapped (crayoned?) out.

UPDATE: Make sure to read Sporting Madness' take on the game, courtesy of Andrew Bucholtz. He even breaks down what TFC's win means for followers of the Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps, whom I frankly don't give a shit about.


Escaped Lab Rat said...

I think it was DeRo for Julius James and maybe some picks; either way, I'm happy with our end.

That was a sick performance. And the funniest (saddest?) thing about it was watching the Whitecaps slouch more and more as the game went on...they looked so sad and pathetic in the rain. I feel for them.

dave said...

Toronto didn't do shit. Montreal dressed the "B Squad" and it was a "B Squad" that showed they didn't care about the tournament.

6 goals? Joke.

"Dave Schultz" said...

it's writing like this that you do that makes me love you and keep coming back for more.

eyebleaf said...

@ Escaped: For a second, I felt bad for the Whitecaps, too.

@ Dave: TFC scored six goals in a footy match. TFC. Six goals. "B squad" be damned. Six goals! 6! Champions.

@ Schultzy: Thank you. You are a rudey.