June 30, 2009

Back in the basement

No, smart ass, I'm not talking about the Toronto Blue Jays. I'm talking about me. I leave the friendly confines of my mom's basement for a quick sojourn out of town, and drama ensues. Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays all leave this world, all too soon. And the Toronto Maple Leafs draft a Muslim kid.

Nazem Kadri is the newest Maple Leaf, immediately the franchise's top prospect, and the offensive future of the hockey club. And I couldn't be happier about it.

No, I'm not going to make like some of my Leafs-supporting brethren out there and bitch about the fact that Brian Burke wasn't able to move up and land John Tavares, or Brayden Schenn. Fuck that. I'd rather celebrate the glory that is, and will one day be in the blue and white, Nazem Kadri.


Filthy, eh? Props to my boy Chemmy for sharing that gem.

What do you think: Nasty Nazem, or Kid Kadri? I'm good with either, really.

I'm titillated about #91's arrival. Probably more so than I was about Luke Schenn. (Blasphemy, I know.) After watching Kadri play back in February, deep down, he's the one I wanted. Mostly because I like saying "Kadri!!1"

"Kadri!!1" is the new "playoffs!!1"

Seriously. Excited. Enough to buy a bottle of champagne in celebration at Peel Pub, in Montreal, on Sunday night.

And how could I not be? Selected seventh overall after putting up 78 points in 56 games last season with the London Knights (and 21 points in 14 playoff games), Kadri is the highest-drafted forward chosen by the Maple Leafs since Scott Thornton, taken third overall, 20 years ago, in 1989. (Let's not talk about how that worked out. Thanks.) Kadri could be the young, dynamic, explosive, home-grown offensive player I've been waiting for all my life.

There's more: Kadri can kill penalties. He led the OHL with 10 shorthanded points last season. It feels like Christmas around here.

And the icing on my Kadri cake: the Ottawa Senators wanted him.

Believe in Nazem Kadri. The future is bright.

And it's about to get even brighter. When the dust settles on July 1st, aptly titled Canada Day to celebrate the NHL's free agent frenzy, my favourite new Maple Leafs will be Kadri, of course, Daniel and Henrik Sedin (I'm sure Mats Sundin put in a good word), and hopefully Manny Malhotra. Seriously; Christmas. In July. I really should get started on that Burke statue.

And, finally, in honour of Burke not trading my heartthrob Tomas Kaberle. Yet, at least ...

Clearly my man Burke realizes the value of an incredible cross-ice pass (like you won't believe) at only $4.25 million a season.

You should, too.

UPDATE: As you know by now, Justin Pogge's been tendered a qualifying contract offer. He remains a Leaf. He also remains a very terrible goalie. One more year, and he'll officially be a bust. Good times.

And here's my new desktop background:


bkblades said...

I'm calling Nazem Kadri the "Desert Eagle".

William said...

May I humbly suggest, "Killer Kadri" or maybe "Kodak Kadri" for all the Kodak moments he'll have filling the net.

general borschevsky said...

Great post.

MF37 said...


A guy in my hockey pool is a filthy habs fan and a London Knights season ticket holder. He emailed me to say he thinks the Leafs got a real player with Kadri, good speed, great hands and a stand-up kid were.

Can't wait to see how Kadri turns out.

Anonymous said...

tell you what eyebleaf... i visit your blog every single day - sometimes 2-3 times a day because i am an avid diehard bluejays fan....but i am also a practicing muslim and to see a muslim kid get drafted by one of the most decorated franchises in all of sports raised my eyebrows. I am a casual fan that will watch hockey if its on TV (unlike the Jays, I bought the MLB package, buy merchandise, etc...) but this will certainly have me watch Leaf games now. If someone asks whether or not this could get middle easterns interested in the sport... well it got me to start watching at least. I have alot of family in the GTA and they love watching NBA and Soccer... but they said that they are definitely gonna have an interest in the Leafs now - not that the fanbase is hurting or anything, but the more the merrier right?

i post under aquamelli at the BBB...from toledo, ohio and im surrounded by red wing, tigers, and indians fans... *barf*

go jays

eyebleaf said...

@ BK: "Desert Eagle." I'm intrigued. You gotta let me know the motivation behind it.

@ William: "Kodak Kadri," nice. You're right, there will be plenty of Kodak moments. Thanks for the suggestions, and thanks for the tip about Romero on Twitter. You're good people.

@ General: Respect, brother.

@ MF37: I'm not sure how much stock we can put in a filthy Habs fan, but it's always good to hear that type of praise from someone who's seen Nasty Naz play all year. He's had back-to-back solid playoff seasons, and the fact that he steps up in big games isn't lost on me. I'm with you: I can't wait for Kadri.

@ Anon: Thanks for visiting, and thanks for introducing yourself. We die-hard Jays fans are a clan. There are those saying Kadri's drafting to the Leafs won't bring more casual fans on board, but clearly that's not the case, as we can see by your comment, and that's a good thing. There are a lot of Muslims in the GTA, and South Asians in general. We saw games being broadcasted in Punjabi last season, and Kadri's addition to the Leafs I think will have an impact on more minorities watching and playing the game. Now if Burke signs Manny Malhotra, and bhangra-inspired dance party might be in store.

Toledo, Ohio. Awesome. My condolences in regards to your surroundings, but keep representing down there. Go Jays, indeed.

Bhattorious said...

Kadri, 7th overall, Sens Wanted him....but was he the best available. Don't get me wrong, i am muslim, i am a huge leafs fan, and i am glad Kadri is a leaf.


As Eybeleaf knows, i tend to picks at things....with that being said Kadri is not exempt from my nepotism.

Kadri will not be a front line player, he will be at BEST a GREAT (not good) 2nd line centre. All of leafs Nation should not be fooled by this pick and think he is some saviour....he isnt, he will be a good piece to a larger puzzle and it won't happen this year. i dont wanna sound like a pessimist, however, lets manage our expecdtations.


eyebleaf said...

Bhatti, what the fuck man?

Anonymous said...

Killer Kadri will be moved to the wing, and he'll be a top 6 wing man for the Leafs by the . Needs to fill out though, still a little lanky.

matthias @ mopupduty said...

I can't believe how much press this #7th overall pick has received. He's all over the net and the sports channels. I guess the general feeling is that this kid better produce and produce quickly.

"Dave Schultz" said...

it occured to me yesterday while looking through Leafs gear to buy (!) that if Burke trades Kabby, I'm not sure I'll ever watch the Leafs again.

ok, probably not true. but I would be devastated.

Anonymous said...

Kadri may, if things don't turn out too well, become a good 2nd line centre, but he also has the potential to becoming a 1st line playmaking centre and penalty killer. From what I've heard about him, he's a dangerous player on the ice. In some games, even more dangerous than Tavares. He also steps up when it matters most, which is a quality I like most about him.

What's his problem is that when his feet aren't moving, he doesn't play at his best. If he starts moving his feet consistently (and if he fills out more), the Leafs could have someone here. Of course, anything can happen.

eyebleaf said...

@ 11:40 Anon: Forget top six, Kadri's top three. Jiri Tlusty is a top six guy. If Lusty Tlusty turns out to be a solid 2nd line winger, great. But I'm penciling Kadri in as the Leafs' first line centre, as I think he rightfully should be.

@ Mathias: Based on this post, and these comments, no pressure on the kid, eh? Hopefully we can be patient. And when I say patient I mean another year of junior, where he is captain of the London Knights, and a trip to the WJHC.

@ Schultzy: Think of this way, if Kabby does get traded, his jersey will be mad cheap to pick up. Either way, I'm buying one. Whether he gets traded or locked up in a new contract. That being said, I think I might be more heartbroken if Kabby is traded than when I was when Sundin left.

@ Anon 1:05: Agreed, I love the fact that he had a couple of solid playoffs' for the Knights. And he's 6'0, 167. Matt Duchene, who went third overall and who put up similar numbers, is 6'0, 200. I think we all agree Kadri will be spending a lot of time in the gym bulking up, and should be even more of an impact player when he puts on some muscle.


kidkawartha said...

I think he's going to be great. Anonymous, you need to start the drum-beat to get the Leafs broadcast done in Arabic. I think it would be great- maybe on Toronto radio.
By the way, you can anagram Kadri and you get "I AM DARK ZEN". So that's my pick- "Dark Zen". You also, btw, get "Amazed Rink". :)
His updated weight, btw, is already at 177 pounds, so he's only 20-25 off his probable max.

Chemmy said...

Nasty Nazem, cause he's so illmatic.

wrap around curl said...

Because day n nite,
I score the goals like you won't believe,
They try to stop me but I skate too fast,
Surely the Sens will finish last.

ar - KEE said...

I love 'Kid Kadri'

and suggest the world learns:

Naz is like sex for nymphos

Anonymous said...

Kadri to replace Kaberle in the Sports and the City banner?

I guess we need to still figure out who will replace Chris Bosh

eyebleaf said...

@ Chemmy: Nasty Nazem, FTW. He is illmatic.

@ Wrap: Best. Comment. Ever. The last line really makes it.

@ Ar-kee: The world has much to learn about our boy Kid Kadri. And it will.

@ Anon: Kaberle's still a Maple Leaf!!!!1 Fuck it, Kadri can replace Bosh.

kushnir said...

man you dont know how hard we were freaking out when the leafs reached a bit to grab Naz.

Hes really tight with one of my good boys, realllly sick hockey player. Very Smart, plays two ways, and has a great attittude.

Naz told my buddy that Burke said he'll be the captain in 3 years

alix said...

Kid Kadri all the way. It's got alliteration and shit If you want input from a non Leafer. Heh. Beauty post. Good looking kid. Go Leafs.

Aquamelli said...

I know this has nothing to do with hockey... but the VW hate system needs to go back to SEVERE

thank you

Anonymous said...

hows this working out bud? Go Cowen and the Sens