June 13, 2009

A Brutal Night

I don't want to talk about it. And I may or may not have been weeping at my seat at the Rogers Centre when Doc left the game.

To make matters worse, the Pittsburgh Penguins are Stanley Cup champions. While I'm overjoyed for the incredible bitches at Puck Huffers, fuck the Penguins.

Poor Roy Halladay. Poor Marian Hossa.

Brutality is there.


William said...

I was upset when Halladay went down too. It's not fair when someone is doing so well and gets a freak injury like that.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

I was watching the hockey game and after seeing the red wings float to a 1-0 deficit, I checked to see the score of guaranteed win-night at the rogers centre and saw richmond pitching. I immediately realized it was not going to be a good night.

This game only highlights why I can't trust league. Frasor's the man.

Ian H. said...

What is this salty discharge coming from my eye? Am I crying? Good lord - I care!

We're all praying for Halladay. Get well soon.

QJays said...

First, this whole situation sucks. I'm about to drown another stupid game in a few minutes.
Also wanted to say thanks for stopping by on the first day for qjays, and I've added you to my blog tracker.


Kavel Pubina said...

Again, I ask for Baseball John Tavares to save us. :(

woodpeck said...