April 30, 2010

Stealing Home: Birds of a feather flock together

"Man, I hate the f**king Yankees."
- Random Baltimore Orioles fan

Those were the words which had me feeling, almost immediately, as if I belonged at Oriole Park in Camden Yards; as if I was, in a way, at home.

Read about how for one night, and one night only, I rooted for Baltimore's birds at GlobeSports.com.

And, yes, the baseball amphitheatre down in Maryland is just as magnificent you've imagined her to be. I'd highly recommend the Baltimore baseball experience.

Philly, Friday night. I'm not going to lie: it's going to be rough seeing all those Roy Halladay jerseys. Definitely not looking forward to that part.

Chicago on Saturday. Minnesota on Tuesday. #TBRTOAL continues ...


QJays said...

Commiserating with the Orioles - how did it come to this? Ah well, Vernon continues to slug. You can't have it all.

Zack said...

I've got to say, I'd love to hear your ideas on realignment, what it would look like.

William said...

Realignment should put the Blue Jays in the AL Central, move the Diamondbacks from the NL West to the AL West and move the Indians to the AL East. Move the Rangers to the AL Central. Everything else would be too radical.

Another great piece, there, eyeb. Saw a little Tweet battle between you and Tao last night. Hope it was good natured.

Hearing good things about the Cuban shortstop the Blue Jays have in extended spring training. Gonzo is playing well though. T'will be interesting.

Vernon Wells is killing the ball.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

I just can't see the league undergoing realignment anytime soon. What about adding another wildcard and have both wildcard teams face off in a 3-game series? That seems to be the easiest thing to do.

I love how shared hatred (of the Yanks and Sox) can bring us bird-lovers together.

On The Fence Sports said...

It feels like yesterday Camden Yards was built. Holy crap, where did 18 years go?!?!

What a beautiful baseball field.

On The Fence Sports

DEEP said...

Your tour around the majors is awesome.

eyebleaf said...

@ Q: They were facing the Yankees. It was easy, bro! Also: Vernon for life.

@ Zack: I don't think realignment is on baseball's radar. Joe Pos wrote that Kansas City and Pittsburgh should switch leagues. If realignment happens, that's the sort of thing we'll see. That's the extent of it, and who really cares if Pittsburgh and Kansas City switch leagues?

Forget realignment. But expanded playoffs I can see happening. Maybe. If enough owners start complaining. Because the playoffs are where the revenue is at for the owners, and the revenue is at for the league, in terms of marketing and television. So let's add another wild card team, or two, perhaps. And let's get more and more people watching playoff baseball. What do you think?

@ William: Interesting ideas. I just don't see it happening. Put in a balanced schedule, expand the playoffs, and I think I'll be happy. I'm hearing good things about Hechevarria as well. He's going to be great, Inshallah. And Vernon. Well, he's just doing work.

@ Escaped: We're on the same page. And that was the beauty of the trip to Baltimore. Come one, come all, let's all hate the Yankees together. And, really, it doesn't matter where you're from.

@ On The Fence: Like I said, we're getting old, mate.

@ Deep: Thanks for reading, mate.