April 19, 2010

Stealing Home: Fighting baseball imperialism

I journeyed to the mothership of baseball's Evil Empire Sunday afternoon: new Yankee Stadium, in the South Bronx.

Read all about: how I fought, and failed, against baseball imperialism, my Mariano Rivera moment, and my brush with a "Bleacher Creature," at GlobeSports.com.

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Thanks for reading.


Roy said...

Great article, Navin. I'm from New York, but live closer to Toronto than NYC, so I identify and am a fan of the Jays.

In a family of die-hard Yankee fans, I've been to "The Stadium" many times. Aside from occasional instances like yours in the bleachers, my experiences and feelings have been like yours.

William said...

Awesome. They almost won you over, eh? "New York, New York" indeed never gets old. It's still my second favorite Sinatra song.

Thanks for allowing me to share this experience.

eyebleaf said...

@ Roy: Thanks for the kind words. And I find your story interesting, that you're a Jays fan from New York, from a family of die-hard Yankees fans. I'm going to shoot you an email. And thanks for reading!

@ William: It was a cool experience. The last time I was in NY, the game was out of hand and we didn't get to see Rivera. So it was great be a part of that. Thanks for reading, kind sir.