April 27, 2010

Stealing Home: The death and rebirth of baseball

Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., was the next stop on my journey, and I found it impossible to not think about the departed Montreal Expos. May they rest in peace.

You can read my latest column where I wax nostalgic on the Expos, ponder the Blue Jays' future, and describe my visit to Nationals Park, including my brushes with Abraham Lincoln and The Roots' Black Thought, at GlobeSports.com.

Baltimore, to watch the OrioLOLes host the New York Yankees, tonight.


bkblades said...

Really outdone yourself on this article. Enjoyed it immensely with even actual laugh out loud moments. That Vernon Wells line was perfect. Thanks for the read.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

It's great to hear that V-Dub's fame spreads far and wide.

Hopefully, we never even get to the point of the Jays considering leaving Toronto.

You know what sucks? Watching the Red Sox sweep us. At least we're not Washington Capitals fans tonight...

William said...

That young fan made me feel great inside that there are still young kids growing up to be baseball fans when there are so many other choices. Thanks for sharing that. Hope that kid gets to see Strasburg soon.

eyebleaf said...

@ bk: Thank you, bro. And, yes, that kid made my day with his Vernon Wells line.

@ Escaped: The Jays aren't going anywhere; I truly believe that.

@ William: Totally agree with you, mate. It was great to talk some baseball with him. And he knew his stuff, too. I hope Strasburg puts on a show for the little guy.

On The Fence Sports said...

Why am I so fascinated with the future of baseball? Like I mentioned in a previous post about Jay Bruce, I would love to sit back with a beer and watch Strasburg throw some heaters.

Looking forward to reading your take on Camden Yards.

On The Fence Sports