April 18, 2010

Stealing Home: A night of firsts in Steeltown

I've crossed beautiful PNC Park in Pittsburgh off my list. You can read all about: my man-date with a Pirates fan, my first ever rain delay, and one incredible sandwich, at GlobeSports.com.

New York, next.


William said...

Another great segment, eyeb. As per the twitter post, there is no comparison with Vernon Wells and Lyle Overpaid. Wells at least had/has talent. Lyle is a bloated weight on the line up.

The trouble with beer is that it doesn't start to taste good until the eighth one and by then you're in trouble. I'd rather have a coke.

On The Fence Sports said...

The Pirates do have a bright future though. With the likes of Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez, those guys should bring the city of Pittsburgh a winning season soon.

Sucks that you missed Etobicoke's finest but at least you had a chance to see Jay Bruce. Man crush on him!

On The Fence Sports