May 06, 2010

Beautiful Baseball

Precisely why I love the sport:

"The game has its own peculiar aesthetic, and these days, looking at empty seats in places that were once real baseball towns, it is easy enough to wonder if that's an asset. Baseball requires both patience and involvement. It is not something passively appreciated, not a sport that overwhelms like an action movie. Full engagement every moment isn't essential - listening on the radio on a summer afternoon while doing something else can be a perfect baseball moment - but at the same time, it provides precious little bang for those with short attention spans, who need noise, need distraction, right here and right now."

- Stephen Brunt, The Globe And Mail

Mr. Brunt, as always, nails it. You can read the rest of his column on the passing of legendary Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell at


William said...

Yeah, he's dead on. The same holds true for reading and young kids. Parents would much rather buy the kid a movie or a video game now than a book. I have full line of kids books with my company and the only folks that buy them are grandparents. Baseball is the same way. It doesn't resolve itself as neatly as a Disney movie or a super hero movie. It's a nuance thing that molds itself to your spirit gradually and timelessly.