May 05, 2010

Stealing Home: Twenty-Seven Outs

By my count, I've been on the bus for more than two days so far on #TBRTOAL.

You can read my thoughts from the road at

"This is a game for all America, this baseball."
- Ernie Harwell

Rest in peace, Ernie.


William said...

Okay this is going to sound like man-love and that's a bit embarrassing, but I am really a fan of your writing. You have a great flow and a great "voice" and I believe this will be your life work. You impress me more each time I read one of your roadtrip stories.

Uhh..okay...manlove thing over. [burp] [scratch butt] yeah.

eyebleaf said...

Thanks William. I'm trying to make this my life's work as well. Appreciate the feedback, and the kind words.