May 08, 2010

Stealing Home: The Throwback

"The Friendly Confines" on the north side of Chicago; Wrigley Field, baseball's ultimate cathedral. Probably the best one yet on #TBRTOAL.

My brother came down from Toronto to join me. He brought his passport. To the game. Read how important that decision turned out to be, and what makes Wrigley Field so special, at

And, on a non-#TBRTOAL related note, but still with baseball: Playoffs!!!1


QJays said...

Your writing is golden on this one - maybe just cause I long to be there too. I hope to stroll through Wrigley in April next year - plans are in place to finally make it happen.
Sorry about the passport experience. I was at US Cellular (southsiders - the Twins were in town and Morneau was sitting that evening too ... the perfect not-worth-it Chicago baseball experience, but it was still worth it) and they wouldn't take my Quebec driver's license at the time - but of course who understands that crazy license anyway??
Regardless - I thought my actual age would get me a beer too, since I was almost 30 at the time. Nope.
Anyway, loving your stories, and hoping to relive them in the future. All the best.

On The Fence Sports said...

The Cubbies and Wrigley...oh what an experience. I too was a little surprised at the neighbourhood surrounding Wrigley.

With all the gadgets and crap they are adding to the baseball "experience" in all the modern stadiums it is nice to be in a a field...where the main attraction is the game of baseball.

Gotta love Wrigley. Just need to find a way to get Toronto a real Field. Skydome is nice but turf??

On The Fence Sports

William said...

I'd love to experience Wrigley Field just once. I've been at Fenway and old Yankee Stadium. Wrigley would complete the life of history for me.

eyebleaf said...

@ Q: Thanks for the kind words, my man. I hope you make it to Wrigley. You will absolutely love it. And, yeah, take your passport so you can grab an Old Style.

@ OnTheFence: That's the key, the main attraction really IS baseball. As for your comment about the Dome's turf, I'd say that's the least of our problems.

@ William: Make it happen, good sir. You've got to do it.