May 12, 2010

Stealing Home: The South Side

Schaller's Pump may not look like a south side of Chicago, White Sox institution. But it is. In every sense.

Read all about my visit to the Pump, The Cell, meeting @AnswerDave, and why I hate Harold Baines at

And how about that Alex Rios guy? He's playing like he "gives a fuck."


Escaped Lab Rat said...

Damn Rios' resurgence was easy to call for a city that saw Vince Carter up close and personal.

Sucks to lose the Halladay series. Hopefully Jays fans will be well-represented down there. Any thoughts on one more visit to Philly?

William said...

Thank goodness. After three days I was in serious eyeb withdrawel. Wait! Did I mispell that? I don't care. Anyway, thanks for another great installment. I hate the White Sox...with an intense passion.

eyebleaf said...

@ Escaped: I'm surprised more people aren't talking about Rios' resurgence. And shitting on JP about it. RE Philly, I'll pick you up at 8 am on the Saturday, cool? Let's go. I'm in touch with the guys from Drunk Jays Fans, they're working on securing tickets. Let's take over that city, and have some cheesesteaks.

@ William: Sorry, buddy! I was enjoying a few days with friends in Minnesota. And you've got to let me know why you hate the White Sox.

Hilleraj said...

Hey Navin,

Did you happen to see any vendors selling margaritas from large plastic back-packs during the game at the Cell? I took a road-trip down to Chicago a few years back when the Jays were in town, and while most of the game is a drunken blur of a memory, this one particular nuance stood out... a 300lb man yelling "ARE YOU READY?!" while dispensing sweet, sweet booze from a large plastic back-pack is definitely a sight to behold... in hindsight, though, I don't think I was "ready"...

Have you come across any other remarkable vendors so far?

William said...

Reason 1. Their manager is always busting his players in public and cussing all over the place. It starts there.
Reason 2. Comisky was a world class ass.
Reason 3. Their catcher for the last few years has been hated almost as much by his teammates as by the other teams.
Reason 4. Their closer has always been just this side of Papelbon.
Reason 5. I'm a fan. Do I have to have reasons? :)

On The Fence Sports said...

Seriously, what is the deal with companies putting their dam names on stadiums?!?! Before I hear about the finance/business side of sports...let me say this, who gives a f*ck.

The SkyDome should still be named Skydome, not Rogers Centre.

At least we aren't in the Japan Baseball League where teams are named after their owners, man oh man, does that suck.

Keep on "working" through the stadiums.

On The Fence Sports