May 17, 2010

Stealing Home: For Jason Guindon

Twelve years before me, fellow Canadian and baseball lover Jason Guindon set off on his own baseball road trip of a lifetime. It was his dream, too, to visit all 30 MLB ballparks in one go.

Unfortunately, Jason wasn't able to finish his journey.

Read more about Jason, his legacy, and why I'm dedicating the rest of my journey to his memory, at

Here's to you, Jason; cheers.


Escaped Lab Rats said...

A touching tribute, and a fine gesture. Only for baseball--despite its flaws--is such a trip as the one you're on, worth taking.

William said...

Very touching post. At least the guy died doing something wonderful. That someone close to him would e-mail you and cheer you on is outstanding.

Where are you headed next? Vernon Wells was 3-3. Believin'