December 15, 2008

Christmas Comes Early

For Toronto FC fans, Santa Claus came down the chimney on Friday afternoon, around five o'clock. Mo Johnston has acquired Canadian international, and local boy, Dwayne De Rosario.

I don't know about you, but I was bouncing off the walls of my cubicle when the news broke. You know how I do.

De Rosario's a winner: a four-time MLS Cup champion. He's a goal scorer, an all-star, and easily becomes TFC's best, and most dangerous, player. If there's a guy to lead TFC to the playoffs!, it's the Scarborough native.

Mo Johnston's taken a lot of heat in Toronto for not delivering on his promise to bring a big name to The Big Smoke, but De Rosario's about as big as it gets in MLS. So, let's all give Mo a J.P. Ricciardi-like general manager's reprieve. You know, good for one more year.

For those of you not too familiar with DeRo's MLS exploits, check out the following video. I saw it over at The 24th Minute, where Duane Rollins is your host, and, well, I must share (remember, sharing is caring). The clip is a small window into the incredible talent that is Dwayne De Rosario and, like Rollins says, only the final replay gives it justice. Enjoy:

Filthy goal, wasn't it? Needless to say, it's going to be a lot of fun watching DeRo at BMO Field next summer.

Thank you Mo Johnston Santa Claus, and Merry Christmas TFC fans.

And, welcome home, DeRo.


Pension Plan Puppets said...


Secondly, I can't WAIT for the season opener. This is a huge move.

Finally, I hope you weren't among the lemmings that wanted Mo canned. Mo's got at least 2 full seasons to go before people should start calling for his head.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

This was a great move indeed. Can't wait to see another game next year. If they can land another decent player with their cap room et al., watch out!... Well, at least we'll compete for the playoffs, that is.

eyebleaf said...

@ PPP: First off, I say "honey" out of love, bro. Don't fight it.

Secondly, I can't wait for the home opener. Mad DeRo jerseys will be in effect.

Finally, I was one of the lemmings that wanted Mo to bloody do something already. Didn't want him to get canned, just wanted him to stand by his word. And he did. So, props to Mo.

@ Lab Rat: I think a playoff spot has definitely got to be in the cards. Robinson and Guevara in the midfield. DeRo as striker/mid, Dichioooooooo as the lone guy up front. Ricketts on the wing or off the bench. I don't know too much about soccer formation, perhaps I've got it all wrong, but we're looking solid up front. Barrett was good when he came over, and I think we've got Ruiz too. Lots of bodies.