December 06, 2008

Same Shit, Different Coach

It was great to see the Toronto Raptors respond to the firing of their head coach Sam Mitchell. Instead of getting hammered by 39 points like they did on Tuesday night, the Raptors lost to Utah by only 27. That, my friends, is what I like to call progress.

Jay Triano, welcome to hell.

I wonder if Bryan Colangelo still thinks this is the most talented Raptors squad he's ever put together. He can't possibly believe that anymore. I mean, I've convinced myself of some crazy shit over the years, but let's forget contending. It's looking more and more like this Raptors team is going to have to fight for its life just to qualify for the playoffs.

Much like Tuesday's debacle, last night was no contest. The Jazz shot 52% from the field and dominated the boards, outrebounding the Raptors 52-38.

I caught the game on radio. If I had a nickel for every time I heard "Calderon gets beat," I'm pretty sure I'd have enough coin for a pint or two of Cameron's over at The Bow and Arrow.

It was another pathetic defensive performance by the Raps on a night when I figured they would come out with, at the very least, some intensity, heart and desire. You know, all that intangible bullshit. But, nope, the Raptors couldn't be bothered. Utah scored 66 of their points in the paint, for Christ's sake.

Jazz forward Paul Millsap, in 33 minutes on the floor, had as many offensive rebounds as the entire Raptors team: three. And your guess as to who this Millsap fellow is is probably as good as mine.

After yesterday's performance, I guess we can all rest assured knowing that what ails the 2008/2009 Toronto Raptors was clearly Sam Mitchell manning the sidelines.


Escaped Lab Rat said...

Let's hope there's no panic trade on the horizon.

On the plus side, at least Roko is starting to look more useful.

eyebleaf said...

Yeah, although I can sense Colangelo feeling it all slip away. This doesn't bode well for keeping Bosh in 2010.

And, yes, as long as Will Soloman is plastered to the bench, I'm happy. Roko reminds me a lot of Jose when he first came into the league. Hopefully Roko can follow in Jose's footsteps.

snaju7 said...

all that being said, don't you think sam's coaching has shown to be not that effective? the patented pick and roll and slow to respond to situations?
clearly not the only problem, but def one of them, no?

eyebleaf said...

@ Snaju7: Yes, Sam's coaching wasn't that effective. I'm just being a sarcastic prick to all the people who figured that the problem was Mitchell, and Mitchell only. Scott Carefoot over at RaptorBlog made a great point about Colangelo wanting more offensive plays drawn for Bargnani. Too many times he comes out with a great first quarter, and then disappears because the Raps don't give him the ball.

But you're def. right. Even my mom knows the Raps are going pick and roll 80% of the time.

On The Fence Sports said...

eyebleaf - Pick and Roll is a very strong offensive plan that can net teams many victories. Check out Nash in Phoenix. As I have read here, you are a fan of Nash and his way of handling the offence. Well, make note of highlights that Nash is in. They use the pick and roll over and over and over again. As long as you have a PG that can make the right decision after the pick you are alright. But I do agree, it isn't working for the Raps right now. It's a long 82 game season so hopefully there won't be any stupid/emotional moves made just because we are pathetically losing a few games.

About Millsap. This 3rd year player can play. With their star player out, Carlos Boozer, Millsap has stepped into the starting roll and put up 8-straight double doubles. The kid can play.

I want to post something about Bosh and 2010 but I think I might start crying.

On The Fence Sports

woodpeck said...

speaking of disrespect (kaberle), Jay got disrespected on Friday night. that was horrible. a couple more duds like this and i'm all 4 blowing up this team. trade 'em all Bryan!

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Yeah, I'm happy to see Triano get a shot and Mitchell was potentially part of the problem, but I don't think the Raps are going to be going too far this year with this roster. David Berri had a good post on this a few days ago.

Bhattorious said...

it wasnt the coach, the Raps have had THE most difficult schedule to date in the NBA. The teams they have faced have the highest overall winning percentage compared to any teams schedule. LOOK IT UP. This could possibly hurt the confidence of the team but we will see....GO RAPS GO

eyebleaf said...

@ On The Fence: I'm not dissing the pick and roll. I'm dissing the fact that every team knows that it's Toronto's bread and butter. We have to change it up a bit when everyone knows about it. And the way shit is going right now, I'm not sure Bosh will want to stick around in 2010. Commence crying.

@ Woodpeck: You're right, that was a disrespectful performance for their new coach. They are quickly becoming the Craptors again.

@ Andrew: Thanks for the Berri post, bro.

@ Bhatti Boy: I have heard that as well, about the Raptors tough schedule. No one can deny it. Let's just hope that when the schedule gets a bit easier, the Raps take it to their advantage. That's what good teams do.