December 13, 2008

Happiness Is Watching Vince Carter Suck

Vince Carter went zero for 13 from the floor last night.

That's a shooting percentage of: 0%

He finished with three points, all from the charity stripe.

He had as many turnovers as he did points.

It was the worst shooting performance of his career (0%).

The Nets shot 31% from the field. Carter didn't exactly help the cause (0%).

The Raptors won 101-79, the type of beating they've been on the receiving end of far too many times this season. Last night they dished out the bitch slap instead of taking it. I must say, it's definitely more fun that way.

If all of that doesn't bring a smile to your face, you have no soul.

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On The Fence Sports said...

In my eyes this is what separates the great NBA players from the flashy ones (ie. VC). When Kobe or LeBron and of course MJ have bad shooting nights they still find a way to score 10-15pts. The great players understand that when shooting fails (which still happens to the great ones) there is always something called a foul. So, Kobe, LBK, and MJ go straight for the bucket and earn their paychecks through abuse in the lane.

VC had 4 attempts at the line all night. A guy with his athletic ability should be shooting at MINIMUM 10 free throws a night. Instead, VC decides to throw up brick after brick. Didn't anyone tell him that when you get closer to the bucket it usually makes scoring a little easier.

Anyways, I'm done with my little rant about VC. This is just another example on why VC will never be that true NBA star we once thought he would be.

On The Fence Sports

Bhattorious said...

I saw the whole game and boy did Vince's face look familiar to when he was in TO....can you imagine if Vince decided to come back to Toronto for a reduced Salary...along with O'neal...i know it won't happen, but that would make us contenders fo sho...

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

VC?!?! Why are we still talking about this guy!