July 28, 2009

Drafting Marc Savard

The fine folks at Cycle like the Sedins have taken it upon themselves to organize a bloggers' NHL fantasy draft. I'm representing your Toronto Maple Leafs.

What, who'd you think I'd be drafting for, the Vancouver Canucks? (Fuck off. It was a one time thing.)

With the 22nd pick in draft - hey, you should be glad I didn't trade the first rounder - the fantasy Leafs were proud to select centre Marc Savard.

Sure, guys like Henrik Zetterberg, Joe Thornton and Rick Nash were available, but I couldn't pass up 88 points at a cap hit of only $5 million.

I'm of Indian descent. If Russel Peters has taught you anything, it's that being frugal is deep in our veins.

As for the picture, yes, Fantasy is my favourite Mariah Carey album.

So Long Stralman

You know what the trading of the young, Swedish, puck-moving defenceman to Calgary means, right? More Tomas Kaberle in your life. And that's always a good thing.

Last season Anton couldn't crack, for good, a Maple Leafs defence core that allowed 293 goals. That's frightening. He was a 7th round selection, 216th overall, back in 2005, and in return for his services Brian Burke secured a 2nd round pick. I'll take Toronto's chances in the draft.

A hearty Toronto welcome to Scarborough's own Wayne Primeau, and his $1.4 million dollar expiring contract. Enjoy your stay on the fourth line.


Bhattorious said...

Great Move for us, better pick....a good 4th line centre (for this year) and a 2nd round pick.

C'mon Burke, i am still waiting for Tavares.

Kriv said...

As a fellow Indian I completely follow your logic on the Savard pick

kushnir said...

trade was almost like stralman + stuart + 7th for 2nd, primeua, and the rights to kaberle for another year. haha

Anonymous said...

Are all Indian people Leafs fans? I'm Indian too, and a die hard. Haha, one of my buddies got a blue turban to match his jersey and stuck a TML sticker on it.

showcase29 said...


showcase29 said...

Bhatti, you have a blog?!??! Change the title to bhattiboysblog.blogspot.com


Archimedies said...

'Drafting Marc Savard'

sounds like an indie ska band

Mattt said...

The Leafs keep getting tougher, but are they getting better? I guess an improvement over last year is at least something...

The Muppet said...

I married an Indian woman Eyebleaf, so I also agree with everything you say.

eyebleaf said...

@ Bhatti: I love that you're still holding out hope for JT.

@ Kriv: It's a great pick; such a bargain!

@ Kush: It's not like Stralman was Kaberle's main threat but, yeah, it's looking more and more like he's staying. Which he should.

@ Anon: It's all about colour coordinating with the turban.

@ Showcase: That video was whack. And I think Bhatti's blog should be: bhattoriousisglorios.blogspot.com

@ Archi: I'll take your word for it.

@ Mattt: They're definitely better. Playoffs!1

@ The Muppet: It's better when we embrace our frugality. I'm sure your wife has.