July 26, 2009

End of the Road

Roy Halladay was brilliant, again, on Friday night. The more I picture him wearing Philadelphia red, or Dodger blue, the more angry I become as to why the Blue Jays are in their current predicament. I blame Rogers; not J.P. Ricciardi. I'm in too deep, defending J.P., for that to change. (Sorry, Joanna. Even though I'm not.)

Much like my favourite GM in the whole wide world, I'm done talking about the trading of the Doctor. If it happens, it happens. August 1, and the end of all this drama, cannot come soon enough.

If we have reached the end of the road, this one's for you, Doc ...

If you don't like Boyz II Men, stop lying to your damn self.

What's that? Yesterday's ballgame? Why the fuck would you want to talk about that? Look, it's simple. It was raining. It's now pouring. There's no other way to explain the blowage of a 9-1 lead, at home. (We're in the midst of a torrential downpour; even Toronto FC lost in dramatic, heartbreaking fashion.)

At times like these, always remember that it could be worse. We could be Baltimore Orioles fans.

I found it rather fitting that it was the Tampa Bay fucking DEVIL Rays who handed the Jays what had to be their toughest loss of 2009, all things considered. Those same DEVIL Rays everyone likes to bring up when shitting all over Ricciardi. Once again: the Rays are no model for success in the AL East; they've just been a helluva lot luckier than Toronto.

As for Scott Downs, he doesn't talk much to the media. So it was great to see him face the bright lights after yesterday's clusterfuck of a game and call his performance, and his team's, exactly what it was: "embarrassing." I don't know about you, but I've still got utmost faith in SnakeFace.

Sure, it was a brutal loss, but I'm more interested in seeing how the Blue Jays respond. Are they going to roll over and die, and allow Tampa the sweep? Or are they going to play with some fucking pride?

In the comments section of my last post, after Saturday's debacle, Bruno Von Rottweiler said: "...a lot of these players are soft, they are losers."

I don't believe that. Go Jays.


Ian H. said...

eyeB, I honestly thought you would've chosen "It's so hard to say goodbye", but I think I've seen that posted up on here before.

Yesterday's game was bad ... bad bad bad. I still question Cito's decision to bring in Downs the night after he gave up the loss. As far as I'm concerned, Frasor was well rested and should have pitched the 9th.

eyebleaf said...

Ian, I used "It's so hard to say goodbye" to bid farewell to Nik Antropov and Dominic Moore.

If I ever use "I'll make love to you" by the Boyz, call for help.

And as much as I love The Sausage King, Downs is the closer.

Mattt said...

The Jays won today. Cuz they came out and played more or less up to their capabilities. It's been a few games since we've seen that. I'm taking comfort in the little things...

deeis....i got nothing today. said...

you should use "I'll make love to you" when you write the post about JT.

Still waiting for that.

William said...

You were right about the Blue Jays not getting swept. I was wrong. But I'm glad you were right.

I've been around long enough to know how it feels like to have your favorite player traded. It's a bit like a loss in the family. I know that sounds stupid, but it's true. A long time ago, Bobby Murcer was traded for Bobby Bonds. I thought I was never going to get over that one. It hurt. So I understand about Halladay. I really do.

Rolen was great today. What a player and what a professional. To put in that kind of effort after such a hard loss shows him to be the real deal. Kudos to him.

Bruno Von Rottweiller said...

Bleaf, when it comes to players like Wells and Rios they don't have what Pat Gillick would call a 'winner's makeup'. Rios doesn't do the so-called little things and that is very disheartening for someone making the money he does. Wells' offensive woes speak for themselves, I don't need to repeat how horrid he has been at home. Is OverBay playing to his contract? Hell no! Bleaf, I like a lot of Jays faithful are so frustrated with these rash of losses. We all know about the RISP problem, the one run loss syndrome and Wells popping out left and right. A team that can compete doesn't blow that game with an 8 run lead like that the other day.

That said, if they keep Doc they can compete next year by doing several things. Trade Rios. Sign two RISP /clutch hitters. Get a number two like a Bedard and maybe a reliever. THEN the Jays have a chance BUT with both Rios and Wells on this squad with their less tham mediocre play at times, I don't see it happening. Hopefully, there will be a new GM and President that will make a case to spend more money instead of nickel and diming with the payroll.

Jeremy said...

I agree on with you on Downs -- he's a good pitcher that's had one bad week. He'll bounce back...