July 27, 2009

New Jack City

I stumbled upon the beauty above last week on Twitter, and procrastinated the fuck out of posting it.

I wonder who's got the bunk on top - Chris Bosh or Jarrett Jack?

And is there room at the top of the photo, there, for "RASHO"? Welcome back, big fella.

There certainly exists a stark contrast between what's going on at the Air Canada Centre these days, and down the street at the Rogers Centre.

Buy the Toronto Blue Jays already, MLSE. Monopolize that shit.


jimmydoggit said...

I've said it a number of times. You know you're in tough when you make MLSE look like a better ownership option. Fuck you, Rogers.

Anonymous said...

MLSE is looking good about now. Rogers really made a mess of things, mainly 'cause well, I don't think they really give a fuck.

Although, I will give it to MLSE, they did spend with the Leafs without a cap. Didn't spend wisely but, like Costanza, they spent baby!

Look at it this way, things could be much worse. We could be owned by the guy who owns the Clippers.

kushnir said...

Man. If you sat here 4-5 years ago, and said, cmooon mlse bye another toronto team, i probably would have never talked to you again.

now we want them to buy the jays. toronto sucks. fuuuck.

Mattt said...

Toronto is the greatest. Toronto sports teams however, have definitely not been living up to their end of the deal.

At least we have the promise of a more entertaining Leafs team-or at least GM-and a much improved Raptors squad. At the very least they now have a solid bench...

eyebleaf said...

Props on the Costanza reference, Sauga.