July 06, 2009

"Something, perhaps, from above ..."

The baseball Gods were most definitely in the house that dirty Yankee money built on Monday afternoon. How else to explain John McDonald's home run? And three missed calls by the umpires in favour of the Blue Jays?

It was the baseball Gods' way of making up for some their recent douchebaggery, in respect to Toronto's injured arms. Try as the healthy arms might to blow a 7-1 lead, and Brandon League, Jeremy Accardo, and Jason "The Sausage King" Frasor really gave it their all, the Jays weren't leaving New York without a win.

While it certainly doesn't even the score, the efforts from above were certainly appreciated. With Marc Rzepczynski taking the ball tomorrow (who?), hopefully there's more where that came from.

Keeping with the appreciation vibe, I'm very thankful for Scott Rolen. Now at 23 games, I hope his hitting streak can outlast Shawn Green's team record of 28. After only a year and a half in Toronto, Rolen is already well-deserving of having some Jays history attached to his name. He's that fucking good. (GBOAT!!1)

Also: Ricky Romero. Sweet, sweet Ricky Romero. Believe that he could win Rookie of the Year.

UPDATE: It's rare, but sometimes the "Monkey Army" at Drunk Jays Fans is actually good for something. Case in point: one of them pointed out that Shaun Marcum took the hill for the Dunedin Blue Jays Monday night. Three innings pitched, two hits allowed, and one strikeout. In typical fashion, he retired six via groundout, and two via flyout. North of fucking Steeles! I can definitely drink to that.


"Dave Schultz" said...

I definitely swoon over Ricky Romero.

Ian H. said...

Those umps weren't fucking around today, they wanted to make sure this thing came in under 3 hours.

As far as John McDonald's home run ... that was a gift for sure.

William said...

I've become a big Romero fan. Need to watch Baseball Tonight, though, to see those bad calls.

QJays said...

V-dub : 3 for 5. Wow, am I ever glad to see him batting third. (Pauses) There was nothing normal about that game, except RR. His awesomeness has become normal.

wrap around curl said...

That is the most Polish name ever. Of all time.

I love it.

eyebleaf said...

@ Schultzy: Romero is very swoonable. Romero > Garza. Yeah, I said it.

@ Ian: Did you read the Jeter post on DJF? Apparently Jeter was called out b/c the ball beat him to the bag (the fuck?). I'll take it. And I'll take Johnny's home run. He's a terrible hitter, he hardly plays, there's probably better utility guys out there, but I don't know anyone, myself included, who doesn't have a soft spot for him. He can now tell his kids he hit a home run at Yankee Stadium. Hopefully they won't ask which one.

@ William: Romero's the silver lining to all the injuries. I love how he runs off the field after the third out, and jumps over the baseline. Everybody loves Ricky.

@ Q: I was aghast to see Vernon back in the three-hole; then I rememberd KNOWN STEROID USED Andy Pettitte was on the hill. I trust Vernon will be back down in the lineup tomorrow, three-for-five be damned. It's a small sample size, but Vernon's raking in July. As for Ricky, the ever prescient Bastian twittered that the Jays have won three of their last 10; all Romero starts.

@ Wrap: I'm not even going to try and pronounce that name.

eyebleaf said...

I meant: "KNOWN STEROID USER Andy Pettitte." Fail.

Also: SHAUN MARCUM!!!!!1

looshV said...

What.The.Fuck. Is with the bullpen? It feels like one of those dreaded third period collapses that you know the Leafs are going to have. Not anymore boy. I'm surprised I haven't heard your response to war Mickey Grabs avoiding arbitration, maybe you did and I missed it. What do you think of the new shape of the team with Beauchamin and and Co.? Where do all these D-men go for god sake?

eyebleaf said...

Loosh, got a post up about the Leafs' situation on D, and while I didn't post my thoughts on this here blog about Mickey Grabs, needless to say, I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY happy the deal got done. I expect big things from Grabbo, especially against Montreal.