August 25, 2008

Bosh Is Golden

Chris Bosh knows a lot about losing; he is, after all, a Toronto Raptor (zing!). After his trip to Beijing, and a crash course in how to kick serious international basketball ass, Bosh is coming home with a gold medal. And he is most deserving.

Bosh ended up playing an important role on the Redeem Team, and was written about extensively during the games. He was by no means the focal point on what was one sick, wicked, and nasty team, but CB4 checked his ego at the door and is a big reason why the Americans are back on top of the basketball world.

Check out some of the kind words our resident hoops superstar received here, here, here, and here.

Bosh is a rudey. It's good to see him finally getting some recognition outside of Toronto. He deserves it.

It looks like CB4 is returning to Toronto with a lot of confidence from his Olympic experience. That should bode well for the Raptors, as the Jermaine O'Neal era is set to begin this October. A front court of Bosh and J.O., with Andrea Bargnani coming off the bench? I must admit, I like the sound of that.

Just pray that O'Neal is healthy, people.

Just. Pray.


Marvelous win said...

You might call me crazy... you often do nut i think the missing piece for us i think it's vince... if we can lowball the nets i think we should get vince back... and it's good that there is something about Bosh in the USA today other wise i was going to chock it up to bias writing from canada and texas his home state. I am excited about the new seasons of leafs and raps... this must be what Hilary feels like today you know you have no chance in hell in winning.. but you are dumb enought to think you still have a chance to win

AW said...

Vince will never come back and Toronto sports fans shouldn't want him back. He's a worthless bum who never lived up to his potential or the hype.


eyebleaf said...

i can admit that VC was one bad mother sucker when he first arrived. that dunk competition, i will never forget it. he put us on the map. in his rookie season, he had one highlight reel play every single night. dude could fly.

then he became a bitch. he started to sulk. i mean, the man actually said he would stop dunking. it was unbelievable. his attitude ruined everything that he had accomplished in a raptors uniform, and put our team to shame. not to mention the fact that he was clearly dogging it, and the rumour that he gave our play away to seattle that one game in overtime (or it might have been the end of regulation, can't remember).

it doesn't matter, all that matters is that VC is a whore, and I don't want to ever see him in a Raptors uni again.

Marvelous WIn said...

So are we saying i should untrade him in my NBA 08 season? but all we nee dis a half ass swing man and our team would be great

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

If Bargnani can get back to his productive self as a rookie just imagine the front line of Bosh/O'Neal/Bargnani, the size factor is going to be troublesome for other teams to match-up. Throw in Parker and Calderon and the Raptors can really spread the floor and put up some big offensive numbers.

The VC thing will never happen. The Nets would require a big return with respect to picks and taking his contract. The ONLY way he will make a return to the Raptors lineup would be if he signed a bare minimum contract with incentives that could potentially bring him $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Any GM who takes a chance on this guy is just asking for a "superstar" that will just bring nothing but losses.

Fantasy Baseball

Anonymous said...

I, like most Raptor fans hate Vince with a passion. But, also like most Raptor fans, hate him because I loved him when he was great and feel betrayed. I stand up and boo at very nets game still, but to be honest, if he did come back, I wouldn't be that upset. There are many sides to the Vince Carter story. The bad is that he did dooch out on the team when he was unhappy, playing lazy and uninspired until we got rid of him for a shitty deal. When AI wanted out, he played is heart out for his philly fans until the day he left, thats the sign of a true class player. But on the other hand, despite his behavior when he left, I do agree with his reasons for leaving. Vince was a young talent with limitless potential who took us to the only second round playoff series we've ever had (and for those who remember, it was a helleuva series!). He wanted to keep pounding away, but Babcock just wasn't cutting it. He made some terrible decisions (expect Bosh ofcourse) and just failed to give Vince the kind of team he needed to take us to the next level. The Cavs are doing the same to LeBron now, and he WILL leave (ofcouse he is still playing liek a superstar, which was my biggest complaint with VC). So in that sense, I can see why he wanted out. Now as for New Jersey, his play suffered a lot because of his own personal problems, which are handled now. If he gets to return to Toronto (I believe if we wait a while we can get him dirt cheap), he'll be back in he only house he's ever shined in, and have new found motivation (possibly) to win back his fans. On paper, he is EXACTLY what we need to vye realistically for a championship....if he can play at the level he is capable of.

Look, I hear what everyone si saying about how he should never be allowed back, and hell I agree on most days. But think about this, if Vince returns, plays to atleast some of his old glory complimenting Bosh, Calderon and JO, tell me you wouldn't be on your feet feeling nostalgic of the last great raps squad.

That all being said, I still love AP over all, lol.