August 04, 2008

Scott Downs: the type of guy you take home to meet mom...

My man crush on Blue Jays uber relief pitcher Scott Downs continues to intensify, especially after his marvelous performance Saturday night down in Texas.

Downs is a straight rudey. I thought, and still think, that he should have been an all star. The guy has been dynamite out of the 'pen for the Jays all year, and Saturday was no exception.

Downs entered the game in relief of A.J. Burnett and went two and a third innings, facing seven hitters, and retiring them all. He lowered his team leading ERA to 1.37 and hasn't allowed a run since July 5th. He's also held opposing hitters to a paltry .202 batting average. The much-maligned J.P. Ricciardi deserves some serious props for locking Downs up and having him become an integral part of the bullpen. Downs has done nothing but deliver.

I fucking love Scott Downs.

I know, the Blue Jays can't hold a lead for their lives and lost two out of three deep in the heart of Texas, but, well, I don't want to talk about it. I'd rather focus on the few positives I've got left, like my main man Downs. He makes the Jays' dance with the .500 mark a little easier to deal with.


fifainnyc said...

your blogs must be canadian.

oh yea, learn how to play fifa too..

it's sex in the city except for sports..i get it.

france rules!!

eyebleaf said...

shut your fifainnyc

that's what happens when you make fun of the argentinians. they destroy you. and by destroy i mean by one goal and you hitting a few posts.

damn anelka and those frenchmen.

and i'm glad you got the sports and the city/sex and the city's about time, son!

i'll see you on the internets, player

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