August 13, 2008

Not Waving The White Flag...Yet

I still don't have it in me to throw in the towel on the Jays' season. Perhaps that's because I'm a homer. Or simply an unrealistic idiot. Regardless, I just don't have it in me.

Before I go forward, I'd like to stricken the Cleveland series over the weekend from the record. Let's just, you know, toss it out the window, and fuhged about it. Cool? Cool.

The Jays have been playing decent baseball, and guess who got another win last night? That's right, A.J. Burnett. For those of you keeping track at home, that's 15. Fifteen fucking wins from A.J. Burnett. I must admit that after his first two injury-plagued seasons in a Toronto uniform, I didn't think I'd ever see this day.

I love Burnett. As I recently blathered, I hope he stays.

It was great to see the Jays' offence pick up their pitcher last night. Down 4-1 heading into the seventh, Toronto batted around, scored four, and made sure A.J. left the game in line to get the win.

Two at-bats in the bottom of the seventh stood out. With Adam Lind at first (three more hits last night, including another home run; how sick is this kid!?!?), Johnny McDonald battled Tigers pitcher Bobby Seay through a long, long at-bat, which must have been at least 10 or 11 pitches, before doubling down the left field line. Mac's taken a lot of heat for his toothpick-like hitting abilities, but he came up big last night, and his average is now at least over the Mendoza Line. Even with his minner stick at the plate, I'm glad Mac's seeing some more playing time. If only for the selfish reason to watch him play shortstop. The guy's a wizard.

After MVP (Most Versatile Player) Marco Scutaro brought Mac home, Vernon Wells' twig provided the other rather large, clutch hit. Welcome back, Vernon. His double scored Scutaro and Alex Rios, and put the Jays in the lead for good. Say what you want about Wells and how disappointing the first two years of his mammoth contract have been, you know how much his bat means to this offensively challenged lineup.

Scoot also deserves some props. I think the only position the guy hasn't played this year is catcher. And considering how low Gregg Zaun's stock has fallen in the eyes of the Gastonian one, I wouldn't be surprised to see Scutaro strapping on the pads.

Scoot's the everyday third baseman until further notice, now that Scott Rolen has hit the disabled list. Wells comes back, and Rolen takes his place on the DL. That's just how we roll here in Toronto.

There should be zero talk of Rolen coming back this season. His shoulder's fucked, and his health has got to be the number one priority. Two years and over $20 million remain on his contract - that's, umm, kind of a lot of dough - so Rolen and the Jays should be thinking about 2009. He's got to get healthy, because at the plate, he's a shell of his former self. If a fourth surgery isn't an option, I'm not sure what's next. Might retirement enter the equation? Seems kind of premature, but I don't know. All I know is Rolen is not the player he used to be. BUT I'm not going to shit on J.P. Ricciardi over the (Glaus/Rolen) trade. No way. I loved the trade when it was made, and still think it was one J.P. had to make at the time. Hindsight is easy, motha suckas.

The boys are back to two games over .500 - what do you know, a 1-2-3 inning from B.J. Ryan! - and have two more games in Detroit before heading over to Fenway Park for a date with the Massholes. Here comes the heat. Fifteen games in a row against the Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays, and New York Yankees.

The days of reckoning are upon us, my friends. These might very well be my 2008 Toronto Blue Jays playoffs. Regardless of what you think, and whether you believe the Jays are still in this or not, the season will be decided in the next two weeks.

Is it extremely likely that the Jays will continue to play .500 baseball over the next two weeks, or get spanked by their three divisional opponents in front of them in the standings? Yes. Absolutely.

Is it possible that they go on a 13-2 run and get themselves back in the race? Yes. Absolutely.

The odds are 50/50, my friends. I don’t know about you, but I’m setting myself up for some serious disappointment going with option number two.

Make me proud, Blue Jays...


Anonymous said...

hello. i have a request. can you please comment on the *POSSIBLE* mccabe trade? you haven't had a leafs post in two weeks. i am suffering from maple leaf withdrawal. thanks.

eyebleaf said...

for you, anonymous, anything!