August 24, 2008

North of Steeles Heading South

Before I get to the point, suck on that, Massholes.

So, Shaun Marcum's heading down to the 'Cuse. Can't say I understand this one, especially since we're trotting out borderline first-round bust David Purcey every five days. Even with his recent control problems, amongst starting pitchers Marcum's second on the team in ERA (3.60) behind Doc.

Mike Wilner, in all his blogging greatness, says it might have more to do with Marcum's attitude than his mechanics. Regardless of the reasons, John Parrish is back with the big boys and will take Marcum's spot in the rotation for the time being. Parrish over Marcum? Really? No, I can't support this move. Not right now. We're a game or two from being completely out of the race, and the paper thin back end of our rotation just got even thinner. Brutal.

Check out what my man The Ack, who handles weekend editing duties over at The Tao of Stieb, has to say on the subject. I think he's more perplexed than I am, and I can't blame him.

Anyway, should be a beauty of a rubber match this afternoon. Dice-K vs. A.J. The Jays need this one. Bad.


fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

There has to be more to the story with Marcum and his demotion to AAA for "work" because after looking at his stats they aren't bad.

His past two starts have been against the Red Sox and last time I checked their lineup isn't the easiest to pitch to in the bigs.

There just has to be more to the story.

Fantasy Baseball

The Ack said...

I didn't touch on it, but I don't really have a problem trotting Purcey out there every 5 days....he's shown flashes, so might as well give him the ol' make or break extendo-look. But to say you want to run your best guys out there and replace Marcum with John Parrish? Come on.

eyebleaf said...

@ fantasy: i agree, bro. it just doesn't make sense, otherwise. he had his struggles comin off the DL, but he still gives us the best shot at winning. more so than parrish, that's for sure. hopefully we'll find out in the coming days if there's fire to all the smoke we think we're seeing...

@ ack: you're right about purcey. this is it for him, make or break time, like you said. i guess my expectations for him are high because of where he was drafted. i want him to pan out. we need him to pan out, especially since AJ is soon to be a former Blue Jay.

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