October 22, 2008

Best Fist Pump Ever

Ever since Jason Blake acted like a complete douchebag a week and a half ago against les Habitants, the timeless art of the fist pump has been on the brain over here, and over at Pension Plan Puppets.

Without further adieu, I present the greatest fist pump of all time, courtesy of Los Angeles Dodgers' hero Kirk Gibson:

A walk-off, pinch hit home run in the World Series, followed by the double pump fist pump. Fucking classic. That's about as good as it gets, my friends. Well done, Kirk Gibson, well done.


40 said...

There might be some interesting Fist Pumps in UFC videos, I'll look and see what I come up with. Speaking of the UFC, a Canadian boy, Patrick Cote is fighting for the UFC Middleweight Championship on Saturday night. Mind you he's +450, that is if betting was legal. Does sportsandthecity do UFC posts? If so, I would love to see one!!

Ian H. said...

One of the best FP's I've ever seen, and very deservingly so. Well done!

40 said...

BTW, if you now Google "UFC Fist Pump" your page is first! You're welcome!

eyebleaf said...

You are the man, 40u!!

Yo I'll be honest I've never been too much into UFC, but now that my cable options are limited, I've been watching a lot of the UFC reality show, where all the sonts are in the house together. I think it's "The Ultimate Fighter."

Anyway, that Junie Browning guy needs a severe kick to his face. That kid is retarded.

Ian H. said...

I just watched this again, and it almost looks like Gibson does "The Lawnmower". Priceless.

eyebleaf said...

Ian, it totally is "The Lawnmower." I love it as well, man. I'm getting in the habit of using it often. It's too good.