October 11, 2008

Steve Nash Looks Good in Red...

"I've enjoyed my success in Phoenix and would love to stay here. But if not Phoenix, playing in Toronto would be a dream come true in many ways."
 - Steve Nash

For you and me, Steve. For you and me.

In all honesty, am I the only one who became extremely aroused after reading that quote?

The esteemed Michael Grange of The Globe and Mail has more on Nash potentially donning Toronto Raptors red in 2010.

Picture it: Jose Calderon and Steve Nash manning the the Raptors' backcourt. Sheeeeeeit. 


fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

Before we go off on this Calderon/Nash combo lets just see if Calderon can hold up through a full regular season. He had a crazy season last year but with the Raptors only having Roko Ukic as next true PG on the team I'm a little worried about Calderon's minutes. I think the Raptors are going to have problems when he's on the bench unless O'Neal can be the dominating low post threat...just toss the ball in and let him pound away or throw it back out for Parker/Kapono/Bargnani.

But you also have to think about Nash's back problems and other ailments since he's aging quickly. Factoring in the minutes/age/attention he gets on the court, I just hope he holds up.

It would be nice to have Nash being a backup and providing a solid 15-20 minutes off the bench.

eyebleaf said...

Fantasy: I was having a discussion about this with another friend of mine. I think this only happens if Phoenix wins a title in the next two years. Otherwise, if Nash does become a free agent, he'll go chasing a title. And that might mean going to New York. It looks like Lebron is headed there in 2010 as well, so Nash and Lebron with the Knicks would be deadly.

I think Nash still has game. He wants to play another 4 years. If he wins a title, and then spends his final 2 years in Toronto coming off the bench in a supporting role, that would be sweet as well.

Plus, you never know, I think the Raps have a ton of money to spend in 2010 as well, so we could be closer to legitimately contending by then as well.

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