October 30, 2008

Deep Thoughts Vol. 12: Go Leafs Go! Edition

My worst nightmare has come true: Matt Stajan is the Toronto Maple Leafs' number one centre. I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, or pour myself a stiff drink.

Let's not kid ourselves, I'm leaning towards the drink, but Stajan had me smiling last night. I have to give it up to him. He was on point: a two goal, one assist performance in easily his best game of the season. It might have been one of the better performances of his career.

Stajan has responded incredibly well since Ron Wilson had him watch a game from the press box a couple of weeks ago. On the high scoring Maple Leafs, Stajan has rocketed to third on the team with six points (three goals, three assists) in nine games.

Perhaps there's more to Stajan than meets the eye...

Guess Who

Is leading the Leafs in scoring? One Alexei Ponikarovsky. Nine points, on three goals and six assists, in ten games.

That's my boy.

Anyone else want to question whether he's anything more than just a third-liner?

Who Are These Guys?

Coming off a disappointing loss at home to Tampa Bay the night before, the Leafs had a sluggish first period yesterday. Once again, however, they rallied from two goals down, and ended up controlling the play for the majority of the back-and-forth game.

Toronto ended up firing 48 shots at Marty Brodeur, the most he has ever faced in his career. Ever. No, seriously, ever.

These Leafs don't quit. They come at you, all night. The effort has been there every game, and that's all we can ask for. They sure as hell are fun to watch.

Bizarro Game

A 6-5 final in New Jersey. Five goals on Marty Brodeur. Three-for-four on the power play. Flawless penalty killing. 55% on the faceoff dot. And Vesa Toskala dominating, and winning, a shootout.

That's pretty fucked up. Good thing I played the lottery. I could be a millionaire by the time you read this.

Dominic Moore

Has officially won my heart. I mean, dude is such a sweetheart. What a shift Moore had before he set up Jamal Mayers' first goal in the blue and white in last night's third period. The guy just works so hard. Like Jerry Seinfeld's mom used to say, "how can anyone not like him?"

Moore went to Harvard. He's a smart cat. He's also a local boy, hailing from Thornhill. Dommy Moore is living the dream.

Joining Tlusty?

I'm not usually right, but I was on point with regards to Jiri Tlusty being sent down to the AHL last week. Perhaps Nikolai Kulemin should join him. He looks uninterested out there. I wouldn't mind seeing Robbie Earl, or even Jeremy Williams, on the wing. Those fellas can skate.

A Good Month

The Leafs say goodbye to October with a 4-3-3 record. Considering the competition and the expectations, the better than .500 record is a significant accomplishment. Of course, it is not surprising in the least to me because, well, you know, playoffs! Bring on November.


"Dave Schultz" said...

And how 'bout my Kabby schooling Brodeur's 5-hole in the shoot out. God I love Kabs.

eyebleaf said...

Schultzy, what a dirty move, eh? Opened up the legs, and put 'er through.

That's what she said.

I love that man as well. My man crush for Kabby has grown to epic proportions.

Loser Domi said...

Well, eyebleaf, if your gonna mancrush, you could do much, much worse than Kabby.

PS--ask him how he shaves so smoothly.

kushnir said...

Matty Stajan? are u kidding me? i was crying when he was out there with 28 seconds left of the Tampa game... You just knew he wasn't winning that draw.

As much as I would like to say he MIGHT, FINALLY, MAYBE, (not actually) be turning the corner, his two goals were deflections after good plays. I guess at the very least, hes going to the net.

Gooner4ever said...

Moore is bloody brilliant right now.
You can tell that he really really cares too.

And you're right about Poni. He is looking good so far.

Anonymous said...

Damn Leaves....why cant they just lose....

I do enjoy watching them play this year though....

I would like it more next year with Tavares...or Brayden Schenn..


eyebleaf said...

@ LD: Kaberle is a great man crush. Much deserving of my adoration. And I will ask him, although I've got a hankering the answer comes in the form of a Mach 3. It's the razor of choice.

@ Kushnir: Stajan's got to improve on the draws, but seeing him win a faceoff and go straight to the net to tip in a goal...well, I almost cried tears of joy.

@ Gooner: Moore is bloody brilliant. JFJ was good at picking up guys on waivers. Everything else? Not so much. I've been riding the Poni Express for some time. Join me. Leading scorer, baby!

@ Bhatti boy: What the FUCK did I tell about saying John Tavares around here? Stop it. There are way, way worse teams than us. Atlanta, the Islanders and LA come to mind. Your dream is dead.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......Somehow, Someway, LA, NYI and Atlanta have to start winning.....

Either way, we can still land Schenn's brother, or even Matt Duchense....so Lose Leafs Lose...and keep me entertained while you lose...


eyebleaf said...

You want them to lose AND be entertained. You sick, twisted, greedy bastard.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

Ron Wilson can coach.

The Kings are pretty bad. But at least they've got Kopitar, he's solid, and a lot of high-level potentially-decent prospects.

Luke has a brother? Can he score? That's what they'll need. I think in two years (maybe even next year if they're lucky?) they'll be ready to really be proactive on the trade/free agent market. Go after someone like a young Mats. Btw, weird seeing him in that Poker Stars commercial. Is that what he's doing while he's working out?

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

Remember, the Leafs are rebuilding this year and we, as fans, should be happy to watch the Leafs take the baby steps towards a Stanley Cup. Giving all the players, which include rookies and the young'ins like Stajan time on the ice when games matter will only benefit us in the future.

I know it is hard to watch but when was the last time we had a Stanley Cup parade down Yonge St?? A few more years can't hurt.

The Leafs organization better stick to the rebuilding and not waste our time with signing over the hill players who use to do damage in the NHL.

Keep with the Draft Picks and maturing our youth through on-ice activities in the NHL.

BTW...I've been waiting for some posts about the Raptors!!!!!! :)

Tex said...

HUGE fist pump outta Stamkos tonight! Eyebleaf... Approve or Disapprove?

eyebleaf said...

@ Escaped: "Ron Wilson can coach." Seriously, eh? He's good. Def. colour me impressed. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the younger Schenn is a forward. Imagine double-Schenn on the Leafs? They'd be like the Sedins, except they're real men. And, yeah, Sundin's doing freakin PokerStars commercials. He's got to keep the money rolling in, right?

@ Fantasy: It's def. a rebuilding year and it's good to see the youths playing. And now I'm wondering whether, in 1967, the Leafs had a parade down Yonge St. I think I might e-mail Damien Cox for his next mail bag. Perhaps he can in fact be good for something other than spewing hate. And don't worry, I will eventually stop completely ignoring the dinos.

@ Tex: For real? I've got to check this out. I think first-career goal is an exception to my rule. But it's still got to be a nice goal.

Drake said...

Hey Eyebeleaf. Kabby was brilliant in the shootout eh? Definitely worthy of a man-crush. He's got such great hands!

Stajan is getting better on the draw, but his two goals against Jersey were more than just lucky deflections. He is doing a great job winning the positional battles in front of the net. That takes hard work. Not bad for a small guy!

Archimedes said...

but if we send Kulemin down, who'll score in the shootout?

longge said...

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