October 29, 2008

You wish you had one, Philadelphia...

I bet Phillies fans don't think that lid on top of the Rogers Centre looks so ridiculous anymore.

That's exactly why we've got it, because apparently baseball can be played even in November.

A mistake by the lake? Hardly. I believe every stadium should be built with a retractable roof. It would save my man Bud Selig a ton of trouble.

Prediction: I'm taking the Phillies (which means the World Series is probably headed back to Tampa Bay). Here's hoping they wrap it up tonight, and all hell breaks loose in the city of brotherly love as Philadelphians celebrate their first pro sports title in a generation. 


Ian H. said...

It feels wrong cheering for a National League team, but I hope the Phils finish off the Rays tonight too.

Loser Domi said...

heh, in the class I was in last night we were actually looking at contemporary architecture, including sports stadiums. the professor mentioned Safeco (I think that's what it's called) by saying "Here's what they did right--they have the retractable dome AND real grass."

I just thought it was an interesting bit.

eyebleaf said...

@ Ian: I know what you mean, it doesn't feel right, but we're doing it for Stairsy, and Gillick.

@ LD: Safeco Field in Seattle is beautiful. They really did that one proper. The SkyDome was before its time, and that's why it's not as pleasing to the eye. But I've come to appreciate and love the big slab of concrete. It's home, after all.

Ian H. said...

I've never been to Safeco, but I've heard it's pretty awesome. I know people always make fun of the Rogers Centre for being a concrete monstrocety, but it opened in 1989 so obviously it will be a little outdated.