October 22, 2008

Sean Avery; Oh What Could Have Been

Sean Avery, everyone's favourite douchebag, took his act to Dallas over the summer. He made his return to New York Monday night, and was at his Avery best during his post-game interview.

So, he gets in Brandon Dubinsky's face, and calls Rangers back-up goalie Stephen Valiquette a "minor leaguer." (You know, a "minor leaguer" who beat the Leafs twice last season, and who has already shut us out this season. Just saying.) Then, apparently, Avery gets into it with the Rangers' colour man. 

My point is, just imagine a full season of Sean Avery and the Toronto Maple Leafs media. Worlds would have collided. Oh, the fun it would have been. Think about it, Damien Cox didn't get along with Darcy Tucker. Imagine the living hell Avery would have put him through. To read the hatred Cox would have spewed towards Avery, day in and day out, would have been worth it alone. 

I still think we should have signed Avery, or at least tried to. He would have made a plucky Toronto team even tougher to play against and, more importantly, Damien Cox's life miserable. And, really, at the end of the day, isn't that we all want? 

* Hat tip to Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy for the Avery video and link. They're good people over there, check 'em out if you don't already. 


Tex said...

He's one of those guys you can only cheer for if he's on your team. Can't say I totally supported Grandpa Cliffy's active pursuit of him, but I guess I would have reluctantly come around if he was dressed in blue and white.

But, since he's not a Leaf, that video makes me want to punch him in the face.

Loser Domi said...

I'm always disappointed whenever I see Sean Avery interviews since he always has this kinda sleepy voice. Between CKI and the MYFO posts, I always imagine him as having an Adam Sandler-like voice, you know? like when he starts off really quiet and STARTS YELLING FOR NO REAL REASON!

Damn, I should re read CKI

wrap around curl said...

I am buying myself an Avery Stars jersey for Christmas.

eyebleaf said...

@ Tex: He's the definition of the guy you can only cheer for if he's on your team. If you want to punch him in the face, I wonder what Valiquette wants to do to him. What an asshole.

@ LD: You are hilarious. I need to re-read CKI as well.

@ Wrap: I've always wanted a Stars jersey. It's always been one of my favourites. A Modano one, preferably. I've always had a slight man crush on him. He reminds me of Sundin, he was always ripped upon as a player and a leader. Until he won the Cup.

showcase29 said...

There are, and always will be, players that agitate the other team (see Darcy Tucker, Andre Roy etc), and then there are players with no class, and Avery is in that category by himself.

I'm glad the Leafs didn't sign him.

Marvelous Win said...

I am kinda sad that we didn't sign avery... i love his antics... we all knew i was going to buy his jersey on the first day if he signed with the leafs