March 24, 2009

Andrew Raycroft's career...

Encapsulated in one picture.

Beautiful, isn't it? I thought so too. 

A Pulitzer is in order.

(Full disclosure: this picture now hangs in my cubicle.)


showcase29 said...


Chris said...

While we're showing great pictures, this is a great one from the Star:

showcase29 said...

don cherry was going all ape shit about ovie (as was expected)

and he said that even his teammates didnt like it, pointing out that green didn't join him in the celebration

however, as that pic posted by chris clearly shows, green thought it was amusing

cherry's a thullard

eyebleaf said...

Chris: Don't forget to bring a towel!

michelle said...

Good little post, and got to love the picture :D

On The Fence Sports said...

The amount of "passion/love" you have towards Raycroft is palpable even through my laptop screen. Just funny to see all these posts about him and how much you adore his ability to defend a net. :)

On The Fence Sports

Anonymous said...

Wow... I'm just in awe of the how the Aves have fallen in goalie department.

I mean... how do you go from Roy, to Theodore, and now Raycroft.

Talk about a spiraling fall.