March 07, 2009

The Perfect Day

As far as Saturdays in March go, this is about as good as it gets.

At about 11:30 AM, I'll be opening my first beer of the day.

At 2:00 PM, mildly drunk, I'll be at the Rogers Centre to watch Canada beat the USA in World Baseball Classic action.

At 5:30 PM, wonderfully inebriated, I'll be at Spadina Garden, enjoying the finest Chinese food Toronto has to offer.

At 7:00 PM, in a stupor, I'll be at the Air Canada Centre, where the Leafs will proceed to crush the Edmonton Oilers, and continue their most unlikely quest to qualify for the second season. Playoffs!!!!1

WEEKEND UPDATE: Canada lost, the Buffalo Bills signed Terrell Owens, the Leafs lost, and, on Sunday night, I watched Venezuela vs. USA from a private box at the Cable Box. Ri-dic-u-lous.


Loser Domi said...

you got your "PLayoffs!!!!!1" sign?

Preet said...

hahaha! That does sound like an awesome Saturday Navin. Have a great time!!!

eyebleaf said...

You know it, LD. You're a genius.

And thanks, Preet!

slewis said...

Mmmmm, this first beer of mine is tasting good. I can't wait to see Matty Stairs!

Anonymous said...

Lucky bastard, while you're having a beer at 11:30 am, i'm trying to study for my damn exam.

See you at the game brother. I'm looking forward to this new hat game 40 found.

Lori said...

Best. Day. Ever. We expect details, the best effect if written right after your day of drinking, creative sentence structure and all.

bkblades said...

Well, the sketchier the Chinese restaurant looks like, the better the food. It's why I still go to Kom Jug Guan on Spadina, too. Enjoy the day under the 'dome and ACC, inside from the rain.

And LAYOFFS!!!!1 Sorry, had to say it.

kushnir said...

i did the same thing, but it was the baseball double header instead of the leaf game. wow. long day

Stan the Caddy said...

I did the US-Canada game (which was unreal) and came home to find the Bills signed Owens. day ever.

Forty said...

Well, neither game turned out well for you, BUT your beloved BILLS signed TO!

Chemmy said...

Jeez Forty, I came here to laugh at eyebleaf but the TO thing cuts to the core.