March 04, 2009

And I'll take with me the memories...

They haven't been traded yet. They might have been by the time you read this. But Nik Antropov and Dominic Moore were healthy scratches last night, and have played their final game for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I hate goodbyes.

Nik, what a roller coaster ride it has been. It took a while, but you did good.

Dominic, you had me at hello. A Toronto boy, you lived the dream.

You know, there's nothing I can say that Boyz II Men can't on my behalf.

The biggest of big tunes. Good luck, boys. You will be missed.

Trade Deadline Day. A pseudo-holiday here in Canada, especially Toronto. Everyone's got Andy Williams playing in the background, ready for Brian Burke to make it rain draft picks.

It should be one helluva ride until 3:00 PM. All I'm going to say is that if Tomas Kaberle gets moved, you'll be able to find me sobbing uncontrollably at the bottom of a bottle, listening to the song above on repeat.


My good friend MF37 has pointed out that those are the odds of the Leafs making the playoffs(!!!!1) this season, after they picked up another point last night, thanks to the divine exploits of one Vesa Toskala.

Toskala stopped 49 of 52 shots and his save percentage, I'm proud to report, is now above the .890 threshold, coming in at .891.

He went save for save, and beyond, with Marty Brodeur. It was glorious. The Leafs, without Antropov, Moore, and Niklas Hagman, and thanks to Vesa, battled to pick up a point. And John Mitchell's stock is quickly rising in my books. What a rudey.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the comments over at MF's blog, while it takes a certain type of lunatic to stroll through Al Gore's internet hollering "Playoffs!!!!1," it takes another type of lunatic to believe that the Leafs are buyers at the deadline. Not even I am that delusional.

Once again, my thoughts, this time about the Leafs' post-season chances, can be summed up much better by someone else. Ladies and gentlemen, a regular around here at this time of year, Lloyd Christmas:

Seven points. Don't stop believing.

Happy Trade Deadline Day. Behave.


wrap around curl said...

Pouring out my 40 dudebro, pouring out my 40....

Stan the Caddy said...

great game. hope you are skipping work to enjoy the frenzy of deadline day

deeisgoneandnoboyz2mensongcanmakemesadaboutthat said...

one tear came down my face as i watched the video...sorry for the devils taking that extra point away last night, i am heading to newark next month to make sure that doesn't happen at the end of the season as we make our run for the playoffs.

Ian H. said...

Nice touch with the Boyz 2 Men. It makes me shed a tear every time ...

Anonymous said...


So there it is, Nik to NY and Dom to Buffalo.

I agree, It has been a roller coaster ride for Nik, but he did turn into a pretty good forward. He never stopped battling.

Ranger really piled on at the deadline.

Lloyd the Barber said...


Parth Pandya said...

I'll miss them as well. Good luck Antro and Moore.

Lloyd the Barber said...

PS I love you EBL

True to form, comment 18

showcase29 said...

I'm actually sad Antro is gone. On pace for 60 points... bitter Burke pill to swallow... it better be worth it Brian.

Bhattorious said...

Antropov will re-sign with the leafs in the no big deal.

eyebleaf said...

Wrap: Much liquor was poured out for our departed brethren.

Stan: I was "at" work. I'll just leave it at that.

Deeisgone: Boyz II Men - GBBOAT (greatest boy band of all time). And make sure you represent in Newark. I know you will. How's life without Big Dee? Manhattan will never be the same.

Ian: See above: Boyz II Men - GBBOAT.

25th: The Rangers really are trying to make the PLAYOFFS!!!!1

Lloyd: Tavares Tankapalooza 2009 is so much better than "Tank for Tavares." Well done. And, Lloyd, I heart you too, man. Trust me, I know no other way. I'm like Marv of the Wet Bandits, of Home Alone fame. Going around the internet typing "Playoffs!!!1" and "The Jays are winning the pennant," is my calling card. It's a beautiful thing.

Brother: Antro was your boy. His last two seasons were mad clutch. He's a rudey. Hope he does well. Will be interesting to see where he ends up.

Bhatti-boy: There's no way Antro is coming back. You're a thullard.