March 20, 2009

Hot Fire

Loved the celebration. Absolutely loved it. Want to marry it.

If you didn't, you're probably a terrorist. You probably hate freedom, too. 

The xenophobic wonder Don Cherry likely popped a blood vessel watching that epic celebration. And, I'll be honest, that makes me like it even more. Coach's Corner on Saturday night should be a doozy.

Ovie time. All day, everyday. 


showcase29 said...


slewis said...

Nice! I'm all for over-the-top celebrations in hockey... well if they're warranted (50 goals, hat-trick, etc.).

Old man Cherry will take issue, but he wouldn't if Ovie was from Kingston.

Stan the Caddy said...

"If you didn't, you're probably a terrorist"

Hahaha. Well played.

Don Cherry is a useless hack. His rightful place is standing on a street corner screaming incoherent gibberish (see - he's half there already!) and selling pens from a cup.

eyebleaf said...

Showcase: I think that's the first "First!," comment I've ever received. Thank you.

Slewis: It was over-the-top, but like you said, warranted. Scoring 50 goals is cause for a celebration. And Don Cherry would have his lips around Ovie's cock if he was from Kingston. It's sad.

Stan: I'm off the terrorists, huge, man. And am totally sick of Cherry's act. I wouldn't be surprised if Ron MacLean has fantasies of beating him Rodney King style.

wrap around curl said...

He is Ovie, he is allowed. It's in his character.

The Ack said...

did not love.

I just didn't think it was that great. That was nothing compared to Teemu Selanne whipping his glove in the air and shooting it down when he DESTROYED Bossy's rookie mark.

eyebleaf said...

Wrap: You're right, Ovie is allowed. He is all that is right in the NHL.

The Ack: Dude, I'm with you on that one. While I loved Ovie's celebration for its originality, it was certainly not Teemu's. Teemu's was the greatest celebration. Ever. I'm going to Youtube that shit right now. I may have to post it. You're a rudey, always representing the 'Peg.

kushnir said...

when it comes to celebrations,

hedjuk > all

thats a vid you should be posting

eyebleaf said...

what the hell did Hejduk do?

Lee(tch) said...

Anyone who thinks this celebration is wrong or that it's "taunting" your opponent needs to check themselves into Bellevue.

Hockey is starting to regress back into its sad days of pre-lockout gloom mired with financial problems. Die-hard fans of hockey will continue to push the pro-fight debate to make hockey more enjoyable when all it really needs is more character players like Ovi. So he does a little celebration after he scores 50 goals in a season! Big deal. 50 goals is hard. Actually, 30 goals is hard. Just ask Matt Stajan.

Football players do endzone celebrations all the time and as long as it's funny, who gives a crap. I think this is the first time I've seen Ovi do something like this during a game.

Oh, just in case people say Ovi's gonna get some retribution for pulling these antics, I say "Bonne-fucking-chance" (Good fucking luck in French). He's one of the few guys who pulls an NBA version of a double-double on most nights: 10 shots-10 hits.
His body checks will wallop you like a French whore's armpit.

By the way, if any Assassin players score 50 in one season, I expect to see something funny.

kushnir said...

hejduk is number 2

kushnir said...

while were at it, best goalie celebration of all time

eyebleaf said...

Kiener: That was an epic comment, brother. And I totally agree with all of it.

I didn't even think it was taunting. Ovie was simply celebrating his stick, which he uses to be the best and most electrifying hockey player in the world today. If Tampa Bay's shitty goalie, their resident douchebag Ryan Malone, and even shittier coach Tocchet have a problem with it, their priorities are all fucked up. They've got much, much bigger problems in T-Bay.

And, that's the point - he did it for goal number 50. Not goal 21, or 37. Fifty. It's a crazy accomplishment. Fuck 30 goals, bro. Twenty is hard. I don't think young Stajan has ever hit that mark.

And I loved your French to English translation, as well as the knock against French girls' armpits. You're a rudey.

Oh, and I talked to Winse. If he scores, he can do what Ovie did.

@ Kush: I remember that dive-age by Hejduk now. I still gotta go with Ovie's over that shit.

And that goalie shit was just strange. From the dash out of his crease to the crazy weird celebration.

Thanks for the vids.

Dan The Man said...

Would you say that Ovechkin could have a year where he could just light up the league and score 75 goals?

eyebleaf said...

Based on the amount of shots Ovie takes, I think it surely is a possibility. I'd love it if it happens.

Dan, Jr. said...

I hope it makes Cherry sick to his stomach. It was funny, but I wouldn't like to see him do it regularly or expand on it too much.

kushnir said...

the way i see it, the player taking the shot was looking down at the puck the whole time, thus the goalie was able to skate that far out of his net and poke check. thats why he put the shirt over his head and smacked his stick back and forth.

epic chirp

eyebleaf said...

Dan: Coach's Corner is going to be ridiculous tomorrow. Four more Canadians just died in Afghanistan (fuck the Taliban), and all this Ovie drama. God, I hate Coach's Corner.

And I don't think Ovie would do anything like that too often. He knows when to bust out the "special" celebrations.

Kush: You make a good point. I just watched it again. It was much funnier now that you mention that shit. You're a wise man.

Lloyd the Barber said...

Call me a minimalist, but I'm partial to Marek Malik's shootout winning celebration. Ice grills.

Furthermore, I present the greatest celebration of any kind. ever.

eyebleaf said...

Lloyd, that goal was fucking incredible.

I think Cantona was so shocked as to how beautifully he placed that goal, that even he didn't know what to do. Unreal.

Q-girl said...

Ovie make hockey fun. Nuff said.

blindfolded tank driver said...

You just got to love his enthusiasm. Sadly, traditionalists (re: Cherry, etc) will frown upon it, but it's plain entertaining. Maybe not every goal needs a celebration, but goddamn a 50th goal should be celebrated with reckless abandon, regardless of the circumstances.

Baroque said...

Of COURSE the OWG contingent is going to have a problem with it - they are busybodies and moral scolds to whom the sight of anyone having fun is a sign of the downfall of Western civilization (such as it is). It points out that they are old and behind the times, and that makes them cranky.

I hope he does something even goofier next year if (when) he hits 50 goals again. That's a major accomplishment and he should be enthusiastic about it.

Since when was having fun at no one else's expense such a bad thing?

(And heck, if he wanted to taunt the opponent, he'd do the same thing everyone else does - trash talk as he skates by the bench. Duh.)

Escaped Lab Rat said...

Not much left to say. I do love how he knows exactly what he's doing--he's aware of potential repercussions/dissenting opinions, and he's not just celebrating any old goal. He's not taunting the other team (unlike when TO stood in the centre star at Dallas)--the one guy he's really taunting is Cherry himself. Good stuff.

San Fran said...

I agree with eyebleaf and Escaped Lab Rat 100%.

San Fran said...

oh, and Baroque too :)