March 11, 2009

Down Goes Brashear

I'll be honest, I never thought I'd write those words.

It's official: I miss Wade Belak. I can't believe we traded him, and then traded for Ryan Hollweg. Fail.


sleza said...

When I checked the penalty summary, I was sure Bradley had been destroyd. Then I read that it was Brashear who couldn't return the game and thought they misspelled Bradley..

eyebleaf said...

Yeah, it's pretty unbelievable. TKO of Brashear. That's the first time I've seen him go down like that with a punch to the face. Instead of, you know, a stick.

blurr1974 said...

Next up, Laraque

eyebleaf said...

Laraque loves to grapple. After watching that display, I'm confident Belak can knock him the fuck out, too.

Wade for life.

Parth Pandya said...

Laraque is honestly THE most useless player in the league. Think about it. Does he instill fear in people? Sure he does, but he'll never fight a middleweight or lightweight or whatever. He only fights schedule matches.So if a cheapshot artist who's not very big goes running around slewfooting and hitting all the habs from behind(YAY!)he won't do crap except stare at the guy. Just thought I'd get that off my chest :D

Now as for Belak he's quietly having a great season for a fighter. Beat Boogaard, beat Janssen, now this. Way to go Wade.