March 26, 2009

The Blast

This blog needs some music.

Every now and again, I'm going to drop some tunes around here via my good friend, YouTube. Music that I'm feeling. And some Toronto-specific content, of course. Why not, right? 

First are foremost, one of the tracks that made me fall in love with hip hop, real hip hop, "The Blast" by Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek, off the most incredible "Reflection Eternal."

I would argue until my final hours that "Reflection" is one of the greatest hip hop albums. Ever. 


"Even when we suffer losses, I count the victory." Amen, Kweli. I think that's something all of us Toronto sports fans can relate to. 

Trust me, go out and pick up a copy of "Reflection Eternal." Don't download it. Buy it. It's worth every penny.


San Fran said...

This Reflection Eternal album is something else, It was in my CD player on my PC non-stop when I first got my hands on it in 2000...I've seen Kweli a few times now live and he always kills it.

I've never seen DJ Hi-Tek do his thing live, but I did get to see Mos Def & Kweli rip it as Black Star - that was definitely a treat!

Lloyd the Barber said...

Black Star = best hip hop record ever. Period. If you disagree, I'll take my backpack and leave.

eyebleaf said...

SanFran: It's an album you can't really get tired of. And one you can listen to straight through. Whenever Kweli comes through Toronto, I make it a point to reach the concert.

Lloyd: Don't do anything rash, brother. Black Star vs. Reflection is like Gretzky vs. Lemieux; there's no right or wrong answer.

Zack said...

"real hip-hop.....some Toronto based stuff"

So does this mean we're gonna get "Informer?"


eyebleaf said...

No, Zack, I meant real Toronto hip hop. None of that whack shit.