May 23, 2009

About last night ...

If Mighty Joe Inglett comes up with a hit, Cito Gaston's the smartest mother fucker in Atlanta. But it didn't work out that way, and a sublime effort from Roy Halladay was wasted. 

That's baseball. 

I think Cito made the right call; I'd have done the same. He believed one run could be the difference in the game, and he was right. By pinch-hitting for Halladay, Cito was trying to get that run.

Don't blame Cito. Blame the National League.

As a Jays fan, there isn't anything more maddeningly frustrating than watching Doc get no run support. Although Vernon Wells is trying his best to change that. His inability to hit with runners in scoring position is driving the fanbase particularly batty. I must admit, it's getting tougher to support him by the day. (But my resolve remains strong. He will deliver.)

A part of me also wants to verbally harass Jesse Carlson. But I'm not going to. Judging by the picture above, I think he's being reasonably hard on himself. 

And, last but certainly not least, welcome back, Casey Janssen.


William said...

I like your blog a lot. It's well done and well written (not a Fan of swearing, but nothing's perfect). One thing I have to ask: Do you remember Tommy Hutton as an announcer? If so, did you like him?

I used to watch the Blue Jays when I lived in New Hampshire (saw both championship seasons) and I would have liked them more except for the gushingly sweetspot Hutton had for the team in his announcing. You are definitely a "homer" but that's what you advertise in the blog title. But at least you are honest, and that makes the blog very interesting and very relevant. Good job.

Ian H. said...

I noticed that the VW Hatred Advisory System is at "SEVERE". Every time I see that, it makes me laugh.

Can you imagine if Cito left Halladay in to hit, and he smacked the game-winning hit? We'd all be going nuts right now. Tough loss, but now we get to look forward to Casey Janssen!

Junior said...

Vernon Wells hatred advisory klaxons were sounding near my home today. Are there any precautions I can take to avoid suffering Vernon Wells hatred? Any preparations I should make in the event of the onset of Vernon Wells hatred?

Johnny G said...

Screw the haters and the bandwagon jumpers, So tired so the people ragging on Rios and Wells before they even come up to bat, It seems like they are rooting for them to fail just so they can say I told you so.

It makes me sick, I am starting to believe that a large portion of the Toronto fanbase (regardless of sport) really are the worst fans out there.

Hell even the massholes cheer for Ortiz regardless of slump and bet it felt damn good for them when he smacked that homer the other night.

Anonymous said...

i think people need to realize that these guys probably feel worse than we do when they lose a game like this. vernon will get his big hits, he's just "scuffling" right now

eyebleaf said...

William: Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, I don't remember Hutton as an announcer. You say he's a homer, and that's good enough for me. I've embraced my homerism, full out.

Ian: The hatred is off the charts. Tough to argue with right now, too.

Junior: Just fight it. If his putrid play continues into mid-June, then it's over. We're all doomed.

Johnny: I'm with you. I think people in this town take a perverse pleasure in seeing Wells struggle, now that he makes BILLIONS of dollars. But his play in May has been awful, and this team will not be able to keep its pace unless he starts to hit like a cleanup hitter should.

But you make a good point about Ortiz. We need to rally around our guys. It helps.

Anon: Jordan Bastian's recent post said that Wells was watching tape after last night's game, and that he "saw something." Clearly it didn't help at all, b/c he was 0-4 again on Saturday.


On The Fence Sports said...

The Jays need to turn things around and they need to do it fast. I'm not saying that if they don't, they'll be out of contention...come on it's only May. They need to turn it around because they need to have the winning attitude and that "we're the shit walk" going again.

As the losses and 0-4 nights add up. The hands seem to grip the bat a little tighter and aiming instead of throwing the ball starts to creep into the mind.

When you start winning games everyone seems loose and everyone expects to win night after night. It just makes winning easy.

The Ack said...

since May 6th? May fucking 6th? File that one under "stats I really didn't want to know about".

looshV said...

Uggh...WTF happened in the bottom half of the 7th?
Admitadely I am starting to worry some. The bats have gone utterly silent while the pitching has really not been that bad, quite good really. I don't like it when the entire team just stops producing runs. Hope we get the fuck outta this funk.