May 17, 2009

In Arnsberg We Trust

What happens when you take a pitcher, one Robert Ray, who's made all of 16 starts in AA-ball and one in AAA-ball, and put him under the tutelage of Toronto Blue Jays pitching coach guru Brad Arnsberg?

You get an eight-inning, three hit, zero earned runs allowed performance against the Chicago White Sox, a lineup that includes Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko, and Jim Thome. And the lowering of Ray's ERA to a smooth 3.60.

Sure, Ray's arm may soon fall off (oh fuck off, Arnie haters), but he'll be a better pitcher because of it.

(Zazzle, $21.95. Let me know if you want one.)


Johnny G said...

God I would love one of those shirts, but I don't have the free cash for one right now.

Ian H. said...

Just make a bulk order of 2000, and they're only 5 bucks each!

looshV said...

Ahhh free cash......something near and dear to my heart that's for sure; as is destroying the White Sox. It's a great feeling that the game is rarely ever out of reach with this team, exciting and fun to watch. Brad Arnsberg is the shit that's for sure, but I also can't get over Cito and Gene. These guys just feel like perennial Jays to me. Kudos is due however as our pitching has in large part been outstanding.

furcifer said...

I want one of those shirts too. Also shameless plug for yesterday's game:

eyebleaf said...

I'm buying one. It has to be done.

I wish we could play the White Sox everyday.

And, Furcifer, there's no such thing as shameless self promotion.