May 22, 2009

Until May 29th, Massholes

Look at that, the Blue Jays are still in first place; still playing .600 baseball.

The Red Sox? I hate to channel my inner Dennis Green, but those bastards are who we thought they were.

Yet despite the sweep, it wasn't all bad. 

Brian Tallet gave Cito a quality start in Fenway Park, and Brett Cecil and Bobby Ray learned valuable lessons in defeat. 

The bullpen? Lights out. No Toronto reliever allowed a run. In nine innings of work spread over the three game set, a committee of Jason Frasor, B.J. Ryan, Shawn Camp, Brian Wolfe, Brandon League and Jesse Carlson allowed only seven hits while striking out 12, and walking only two.

Rejoice, Red Sox Nation. Revel in the fact that your beloved BoSox defeated Tallet, who before April 18 last started a game back in 2006, and two rookies fresh from the minors.

While the Jays weren't able to score runs, they sure did hit the ball. Toronto's offence pounded out 25 hits over the last two games, and left 29 men on base in the series, including 12 last night. The big hit simply remained elusive. When you live by the long ball, some nights you die by the long ball. That's the beauty of baseball.

See you next week, at our house, Massholes.

And we'll see you, young Travis Snider, in about a month.

Required Reading:

Over at The Mockingbird, check out the calls Jon Lester got last night from home plate umpire Marvin Hudson. Shocking.


On The Fence Sports said...

"Rejoice, Red Sox Nation. Revel in the fact that your beloved BoSox defeated Tallet, who before April 18 last started a game back in 2006, and two rookies fresh from the minors."So, if they Jays did win you would be throwing it in their faces because they lost to a dude who hasn't started since 2006 and also two minor league pitchers? Pretty weak.

Sounds like you are trying to find an excuse for the losses in beantown. Simply put, the Jays lost.

Kavel Pubina said...

Next week, it will be different.

We'll beat those Red Sucks at our house.

eyebleaf said...

@ On The Fence: Excuses? Hardly. I'm saying that before Red Sox fans start anointing Boston the 2009 AL East title, and before more Jays fans jump off the bandwagon, try and keep shit in perspective. Yeah we got swept, yeah we lost. But there are positives to take from the three-game set. If Doc and Richmond are our 1-2 pitchers, we went 3-5 out there, and were two or three big hits, and a catch from Alex Rios, away from winning two of those games.

And Cecil and Ray are not "minor league pitchers." I said they were fresh from the minors. They're both in their early 20s and, in Ray's case, he's fresh from AA-ball. These guys are puppies.

No excuses. The Jays will rebound.

@ Kavel Pubina: Hahahaha, Pubina. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to seeing Ricky Romero back up here, and the eventual return of Casey Janssen. Bobby Ray, bless his heart, is likely Vegas bound soon, I would imagine.

furcifer said...

Fucking bandwagon jumpers:

SL said...

The Red Sox won two World Series' with Manny Ramirez, he's a cheater. 0 without him... Jonathan Papelbon smokes so much bone that his lips are permanently stuck in that position.

looshV said...

Good god, a three game sweep and the sky is falling. It was going to happen at some time. Firmly strapped down to the wagon and I'm not going anywhere. I have not for 25 years. GO JAYS GO!!!1