May 29, 2009

Scott Rolen on bad road trips ...

"One year in Philadelphia we won four games in a month so there would have had to have been some bad trips. With St. Louis we went to Chicago and Detroit in 2006. The White Sox beat us in Chicago 20-6, 13-5, and 1-0. In Detroit we lost 10-6, 7-6 in extra extras and 4-1. We lost the next two at home against Cleveland. Inter-league was fun. We still won the World Series that year."

The Cardinals lost 10 of 11 during that brutal stretch of baseball in late June 2006.

And, yes, let's please conveniently ignore the fact that St. Louis won the National League Central with a paltry 83 wins that year. That's not the point.

I believe in Scott Rolen.

Vernon Wells, too.


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Ian H. said...

Ladies and gentlemen - your 2009 on-field MVP, Scott Rolen.

twentyfifthhour said...

It's a losing streak. Every team is bound to go through one in a 162 game season.