May 14, 2009

Like a captain should ...

Seven games later, and I've got a whole lot more respect for Sidney Crosby than I did two weeks ago.

I still don't particularly care for him; there's certainly no man crush. But dude can play. He's obviously learned a thing or two from living with Mario Lemieux

Hey, there's nothing wrong with living in someone's basement.

And, while I hate to whine, it's really not fair that the Penguins have both Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Bastards.

One-nothing: Crosby. Here's hoping they meet again.


Junior said...

Here's hoping they do meet again, that was a fun series to watch. I'm not a huge fan of #87 either, but you do have to give him his props, he played very well in that series and - one little hat-trick incident aside - he didn't spend the whole series whining to the refs.

I think it would advance the narrative a bit if Crosby went on to win his first Cup this year; that would put the ball firmly in Ovie's court next year. I would like to be rooting for the Leafs in the post-season next year, but we aren't going to be seriously challenging for the Big Trophy just yet, so I am rooting for this to happen so I'll have something cool to watch next spring.

ar - KEE said...

Feel better:

2002 - 2006...

5 straight years of having the #1, #2 or #5 pick in the draft. With Schenn at #5 last year, we're only 4 years of terrible hockey away from falling ass-backwards into great picks and having the team be amazing by default.

eyebleaf said...

Junior: You mean "the Leafs will eliminate both Crosby and Ovechkin next year, and win the Stanley Cup."

Ar-Kee: It's amazing how quickly Pens fans have forgotten their horrendous past, and all that "we're moving to Kansas City" bullshit. I can put together a pretty good team, too, if I'm consistently the laughing stock of the league in terms of the standings.