May 28, 2009

Bent Not Broken

OK, fine. Really bent. But the point remains: not broken. Except Jesse Carlson and Brian Wolfe. They might be broken after Roy Halladay's though with 'em.

Hey, J.P. Ricciardi: free Jeremy Accardo.

The Blue Jays left home 10 days ago 27-14. They return 27-23. A winless nine-game road trip has rendered their hot start just that: a hot start. And there's nothing wrong with that. The hot start, I mean. Not the road trip. The road trip was completely fucked up.

If you had told me during the off-season that the Jays would lose nine in a row on the road in mid-May (including three to the BoSox) and head into the final series of the month four games above .500, and a game and a half behind the AL East and Wild Card leaders... well, there's no bloody way I'd have believed you. That's outrageous. They would have had to play over .650 ball over their first 40 games.

And they did. The Jays are a game and a half out. I'll take it. 

The road trip? Fuck it. What road trip? It's done and gone.

Much like Cito Gaston's honeymoon. Yesterday's epic loss brought out even the "Fire Cito!" crowd. That's not happening, nor should it. But some lineup changes, some put Lyle Overbay at first base late in games, some don't call for any of Shawn Camp, Carlson, Wolfe or B.J. Ryan from the bullpen, and some urgency would be appreciated. And a win. A win would definitely be appreciated.

Bring on the Red Sox. Greetings to the Massholes. Don't let that nine-game losing streak fool you. It's on. Time to take back the division.

The Vernon Wells Hatred Advisory System

As you can see, in the sidebar to your right, up top a little bit, there you go, we're still coming in at SEVERE. But it's new and improved. Not the hate; the hate's been there ever since Wells signed his contract. The image. And it comes courtesy your friend and mine, The Blue Jay Hunter. Cheers, Ian. You're a rudey.

UPDATE: Doc's thrown 14 innings over his last two starts, giving up only three earned runs in the process. He should be 10-1, not 8-1, and that pisses me right off.

UPDATE #2: Archie picked Veronica? Seriously? What a mistake. She was nothing but a bitch, and a tease. 


Ian H. said...

I still can't believe that despite this 9 game collapse, the Jaybirds are only 1.5 games back of first place. I'd rather a collapse in May than one in August in September though.

We're coming for ya, Red Sox!

Anonymous said...

If the law of averages works out so we are .500 against the Red Sox...we could be in at least the Wild Card spot again. But damn, you don't know what you've got till its gone eh.

Anonymous said...

Crap all over Wells, but your right fielder is about as clutch as Bill Buckner.

I don't understand why Cito doesn't drop them in the order until they sort it out.

eyebleaf said...

How about Rios' knucklehead play on the bases yesterday? He's such an idiot. But like I said, our idiot. Rios might be the most frustrating Blue Jay, ever.

And remember: I believe in Vernon Wells.

William said...

The Red Sox have serious issues. This is a good time to face them. Hope the Blue Jays win 2 out of three at least. I hate the Red Sox.

Johnny G said...

I believe in Vernon Wells.

And I am with you in the Archie dealy. Big Mistake. Unless he can convince her to not sign a pre-nup and then divorce her in a year.... Yes.... excellent....

Anonymous said...

I like that Rios stuck around second base to argue with the umpire.

I imagine it went like this:

UMPIRE: Go get your glove, idiot. You're embarrassing yourself and the game.
RIOS: I have no idea what I'm doing.

eyebleaf said...

William: You hate the Red Sox? You're going to fit right in around here.

Johnny G: Keep the faith, brother. And you're right, the pre-nup is key.

Anon: LOL. Well played. Rios is such a fucking doofus. There's mad hatred being thrown his way over at The Tao of Stieb. Him and Wells, all that plagues the Blue Jays.

Kavel Pubina said...

Time for some fucking revenge.

Payback's a bitch, Red Sucks. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, without the 2008 bullpen, this team has no chance, no matter how good they hit

Johnny G said...

I know the argument at 2nd looked stupid, but in all seriousness what I am sure Alex was saying was that the umpire needed to make his calls loud and clear.

Our blissfully ignorant gazelle most likely didn't hear the safe call

Ian H. said...

I'm fine with Archie's choice, I have a thing for brunette's. But in the comic her hair actually looks back.

Oh well, they'll be divorced in 3 years anyway.

The things we talk about on off days!

Escaped Lab Rat said...

I'm with you Eyebleaf. And Betty is the choice here as well.

A winning series against the Sox will go a long way towards forgetting this road trip.