May 07, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Manny Ramirez, cheater.

Or is he? Apparently Manny is guilty as charged of using a performance enhancing drug - only of the sexual variety.

Regardless, arguably the greatest hitter of our generation has failed a drug test. Whatever he took was a baseball enhancer as well. And it's unfortunate, because he'll now be painted with the same brush as douchebags like A-Rod and Roger Clemens.

When it comes to baseball players testing positive for the juice, nothing surprises me anymore. I was shocked to hear about Ramirez, but not surprised. These days, they're all guilty until proven innocent.

Except for two men: Roy Halladay, the greatest pitcher I've ever known, and Carlos Delgado, the lost slugger of the Steroid Era.

I'm not sure who's next to be outed, but if it were one of those two men, a part of me would die inside. I'm not sure I could deal with finding out that Roy Halladay isn't perfect, or that Delgado didn't become the best Toronto Blue Jay hitter of all time on nothing but his own merit. It would be akin to finding out, as a young boy, that Santa Claus does not in fact exist; things would never be the same again. Innocence, lost.

Here's hoping that day never comes.


twentyfifthhour said...

Talk about irony. Earlier today I wrote a post about how Big Papi's success was just a product of hitting in front of Manny and minutes later breaks the story of Manny being tainted. This bastard was going to go down as being one of the 5 greatest pure hitters of all time. Now, who knows.

I'm with you eyebleaf; if Roy or Carlos were to ever get outed, i'd die a little inside. Those two along with Alomar are my all time favorite baseball players.

When it comes to baseball, I think Slum Village - Tainted.

"Dave Schultz" said...

My Halladay jersey should be here in 7-10 business days!!

Down Goes Brown said...

I wouldn't be shocked about anybody at this point. But I remember seeing Delgado at spring training in 1991, before anybody knew he who he was, and he was huge then (and hit a HR about 470-feet to win the game). So if he's juicing, he's been doing it almost as long as Canseco.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

Now Pujols is the greatest clean slugger of our time, barring Griffey and Frank Thomas. (Until he's outed, that is). It's pretty sad.

I'm with you guys. Anybody but Cy Halladay and Carlos.

Carlos' dad is actually bigger than he is, so he's got a legit excuse for being a big dude.

Anonymous said...

george bell is the best BJ hitter ... period

Junior said...


Anonymous said...

This guyy's a tool always has been.Greatest hitter of our generation?How 'bout biggest jackass?

eyebleaf said...

25th: Right now, I don't view Man-Ram in the same light as other guys who have been booked. Do you?

Schultzy: God Bless the Chinese!

DGB: News of Delgado and/or Halladay would truly shock me. To the core. And Jose Canseco is clearly the smartest man alive.

Escaped: Honestly, I have my doubts about Pujols. Like I said, guilty until proven innocent.

Anon: I never really got to see much of George Bell. I'm going to take a look at his numbers. After reading Moneyball, I am infatuated by numbers. More than I was before.

Junior: Umm, Santa's cool. He'll see you in December.

Anon: Manny is a jackass, no question. Just look at the picture, above. He is a tool. But there's no doubting his prowess and efficiency as a hitter. One of the best. And if Verducci thinks so, that's good enough for me. I have a HUGE man-crush on Tom Verducci.