May 16, 2009

They say it's impolite to stare ...

... but I could look at the standings all day long.

The Jays have the AL East's best record, most productive offense (batting .305 with runners in scoring position!), and best pitching staff (a 1.28 staff WHIP!). The view from the top is everything I thought it would be.

Brett Cecil continues to arouse Jays fans across the land. The Beej is back. And don't put too much stock into J.P. Ricciardi's comments about the pitching staff, and his optioning of Ricky Romero to Las Vegas. Ricciardi's a liar, remember? Romero will be back with the Jays before May is out.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Aaron Hill > Dustin Pedroia.

A quarter of the season is just about in the books. You'd be foolish not to believe.

UPDATE: Bartolo Colon is fat.


wrap around curl said...

Dustin Pedroia is such an effing junk slut. UGHHHHH.

The Ack said...

I'm all over those standings like Bart Colon on cake. Dude is morbidly obese.


kushnir said...

C.C. is fatter

A.H. > D.P.

Bubbles said...

I'm still staring.....

eyebleaf said...

Wrap: Dustin is fucking junk slut. Agreed. You are wise.

The Ack: You said it best, bro: opting for a salad every now and then wouldn't hurt. Colon's gut is epic.

Kush: Fat.Fat. Sabathia. He owned us the other night though. Bastard.

Bubbles: You and me both.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

Both Colon and C.C. shut us down. Maybe the way to beat us is with the largest pitchers possible.

Nice how both Cecil and Ray stepped it up after the vote of confidence.

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

I am very happy to see the Jays on top at this point in the season. The next part isn't negativity but we should be realistic here. Until we have a test, as in playing stronger teams, we shouldn't be jumping up and down just yet. We've had a pretty soft schedule so far.

It is great to see the Jays winning games and more importantly winning series after series but we need to wait until we start playing the Red Sox, Yankees, and the Rays (if they can get going) to see where we really stand in the tough AL East.

A simple sweep or 5-6 game losing streak could throw the Jays into 4th/5th place in the division.

eyebleaf said...

Escaped: You're right, the fatties owned us like they own the buffet line.

Cecil and Ray have been huge the last two days. Doc tomorrow, which means we could be going into Monday with a chance to sweep a 4-gamer. Giggity.

Fantasy: I stopped reading after the "but" in "The next part isn't negativity but..."

I don't want to hear it.

Fine, I did read the whole comment. Look, the Jays have the 3rd-toughest schedule in the major leagues this year (I can't remember where I read that; Yahoo!, I believe), so if the Jays can go into the month of June 10-14 games above .500, they'll have done their job.

Believe. Even if it is a bit premature and irrational. Just do it anyway.