May 11, 2009

Believe ...

Believe that tonight isn't the end of the line for the Vancouver Canucks, and Mats Sundin.

Believe that for Vancouver, and especially for Sundin, there can still be a happy ending.

Props to my man dlbrows for sending the video my way. Make sure you check out his tumblr: Go Jays Go.

You know, it's unfair, but it's all up to Roberto Luongo now. And all I know is this: when facing elimination, in the enemy's barn, there's no other goalie I want between the pipes.

Believe that there will be a game seven.

Go Canucks.


Down Goes Brown said...

I saw this video earlier today. I love it. It combines three of my favorite things: hockey highlights, Al Pacino's "Inches" speech, and Kyle Wellwood getting his teeth knocked out.

eyebleaf said...

DGB, I think your Wellwood hatred rivals my Sundin love.