May 11, 2009

The Shake-and-Bake

Dwayne De Rosario has, in less than two months, laid claim to the best goal celebration Toronto has to offer.

Have a look at the 1:13 mark and, for the money shot, at 2:28 ...

Hey, I love the timeless art of the fist pump as much as you do, but the Shake-and-Bake has officially knocked it off its perch. 

And how about Scarborough coming through for Toronto FC down in D.C. Saturday night. DeRo, with two, and Adrian Serioux filling up the score sheet. Represent!


Gooner4ever said...

Was a good game. His second goal was a peach and should have been the winning goal.

The defence looked pretty static today. The first two goals could have been prevented with more movement from the defenders.

But hey if you want to see a really bad defensive display, check out Silvestre's "attempt" today against Chelsea.

wrap around curl said...

Ahw man, he could have celebrated a bit better than trying like a pterodactyl....HOLY SHIT! I spelled pterodactyl right on my first attempt. Now I will fucken celebrate that!

JaredFromLondon said...

De Rosario is a pimp

ar - KEE said...

I've always called that one the 'sexy funk walk' but shake-and-bake works just as well, I suppose.

eyebleaf said...

@ Gooner: Those last 20 minutes were unreal. I thought TFC had the game won after DeRo's second. What a beauty. And what a shame. Footy's fucked like that; you can commit murder in the box, no penalty. But if the ball touches your hand, by accident, it's a penalty, no questions asked. That's just about retarded.

@ Wrap: That was impressive. I hope you celebrated with a shake-and-bake! The next time I do something praise worthy at the office, I'm going to bust it out in my cubicle.

@ Jared: Yes. Yes he is.

@ Ar-Kee: As long as it's not called "The Funky Chicken," we're good.

Gooner4ever said...

I think that the handball rule is pretty sensible!
If you touch the ball with your hand in the penalty area then it's a penalty. Unless it was ball to hand. If your hand moves at all and then it touches it then the refs got to give it.

Penalties are becoming more prevelant because people like Ronaldo dive like little bitches all the time and get them more and more often. Likewise with the "murder in the box" that you cite.

However until television replays (heaven firbid) come into play then these things will continue. Whilst it may seem fucked it's the way it is and at least gives you something to talk about and songs to sing ( "you don't konw what you're doing" "the referees a wanker" etc).