May 19, 2009

Viva Scutaro

Every now and then, I get something right. It's rare, but it does actually happen. Here's what I wrote back in December, when rumours of Rafael Furcal becoming a Blue Jay were flying around, and when some in the Jays' blogosphere were questioning Marco Scutaro's spot on the team ...

Rafael Furcal? It's possible. Although I still don't think Marco Scutaro at shortstop is what's wrong with the 2009 Blue Jays.

What I was insinuating, of course, was that a) there's nothing wrong with the 2009 Blue Jays, and b) 41 games into the season Scutaro would arguably be the most productive shortstop in all of baseball.

Scoots has walked an impressive 35 times, tops in the Majors. (Derek Jeter, for example, has taken a free pass only 16 times.) Scutaro also leads the Majors in runs scored, with 36, and his 20 RsBI are good for second in the American League among shortstops.

All this while playing flawless defense in 348.2 innings on the field. He's the only shortstop in baseball yet to make an error.

John McDonald who?


Even the baseball Gods are shining down upon the Blue Jays. A four game set against the Chicago White Sox, and Toronto missed Mark Buehrle. You know what that means: brooms!1

In between Roy Halladay's start on Sunday, we blessed Jays fans were treated to a combined 21 innings from Brett Cecil, Robert Ray and Scott Richmond, in which they allowed only 14 hits and three earned runs. If that doesn't get you aroused, this should: on May 18, 2008, the Blue Jays' pitching staff, which would go on to be the best in baseball last year, had allowed 181 runs. On May 19, 2009, the Jays have allowed 174 runs, and have scored a whopping 60 more. 

Oh yeah, Halladay won the AL Player of the Week award. If he cared, I might, too.

Off to Boston

A big series, one in which the kids Cecil and Ray will get their first taste of Fenway Park. No Doc, but I've got faith. Here's hoping the offense makes the short porch out in left field its bitch, and gives the kids some support.

Sure, it's still early, but there's a sense of satisfaction about heading down to the Massholes' natural environment as the hunted, rather than the hunter.

Remember, I hate the Boston Red Sox. You should, too.


SL said...

We dodged a bullet with Furcal. I'm perfectly o.k. with the boot-scut-boogie.
Pure un-filtered hatred for the Red Sox, and apparently I'll actually be able to see the games as a Rogers customer.

Johnny G said...

Yay for Rogers working out the TSN 2 deal. I had a feeling that the Red Sox series was a bit of a concession by Rogers. A little "Hey, here have one of the highest rated series and maybe we don't have to put the channel in the basic package?"

The only thing I am pissed about. Right now it is on the free preview (Channel 1) on Rogers digital. I do not think they have TSN2HD on the free preview for HD. Nothing I can find mentions any HD channel until the end of the month when it hits the regular rogers rotation on channel 98.

Now I know I may sound whiny about it, but damnit once you start watching games in HD it is really tough to go back.

eyebleaf said...

SL: Boot-scut-boogie. I like that. Rogers owns my soul. I signed a contract.

Johnny G: I'm a poor journalist. I'm still rocking the good old tube TV, so I don't have that HD problem. But my heart bleeds for you mate!!1

SL said...

Rogers owns all of our souls so as long as they lay claim to the Jays. Damn-it.

furcifer said...

Johnny G: There's always the switch to the dish. I've always got TSN2 in HD and don't have to deal with the annoying voice recognition software of Rogers.

Also the only bad thing about Scutaro performing was the girl sitting next to me at the SkyDome calling him Scoots or Scooty everytime he did anything.

furcifer said...

Don't know if you saw this in the Globe but playoffs!!!!1!

"Since 2002, the team that has been in first place after 40 games has gone on to win the East three times and claimed the AL wild-card spot in another season. Since 2000, the best 40-game record by any AL East team was the 2002 Boston Red Sox's 29-11 record - and that team is one of just three this decade with a better 40-game record than the current edition of the Blue Jays."

Johnny G said...

Well I will get HD by the end of the month, and I wouldn't be able to swtich to the dish in time for these games so its a bit of a mute point. I can get everything I am getting now cheaper with Rogers then with Bell which is the only reason I continue to use them.

eyebleaf said...

Furc, that might be the most boner inducing comment, ever. Playoffs!!!!1

Bring on the fucking Red Sox. Can't wait.

Ian H. said...

Is it possible that Scutaro is the best leadoff hitter that the Jays have had in years?

David Eckstein .. who was that guy? I don't really recall him.

furcifer said...

haha I saw someone with an Eckstein jersey at the game. Couldn't believe he actually wore it out in public. As for me I'm getting a Gaston jersey.

Junior said...

eye: Your enthusiasm for the Jays is refreshing - hasn't been much of that in these parts for baseball of any kind for quite a while now. I almost wish I still cared about the game, but I just don't anymore.

Marco Scutaro is the best baseball name I've come across since "Skeeter Barnes" played for the Tigers.

Ian H. said...

Someone has a David Eckstein jersey? I heard they only make those in kids sizes anyway since he's so damn small.

I kid, I kid!